Pirelli Announce Tyre Compounds for Suzuka & Sochi

Formula One’s official tyre supplier Pirelli have confirmed the tyre compounds that will be used in the forthcoming events in Japan and Russia.

With the Suzuka track in Japan being one of the most demanding tracks of the year for the tyres, Pirelli have decided to bring the two most durable tyres available to them – the P Zero Orange-banded Hard and P Zero White-banded Medium tyre.

The choice of tyre for the brand-new Sochi circuit in Russia, which has not seen any representative running around the track as of yet, has been based on simulation data, and Pirelli engineers believe the P Zero White-banded Medium and the P Zero Yellow-banded Soft tyre will be the best tyres for the job, with those two capable of covering a wide range of conditions.

The choices for the final three rounds in Austin, Interlagos and Abu Dhabi will be announced after the race in Russia.

The race in Singapore this week will see the P Zero Yellow-banded soft and the P Zero Red-banded Supersoft tyres in action.

So far in 2014, before Singapore, the supersoft tyre has been used four times, the soft tyre nine times, the medium tyre nine times, and the hard tyre four times.