Raikkonen on Vettel: “It will be nice to be with him in the same team”

With the news that Sebastian Vettel was replacing Fernando Alonso in the Scuderia Ferrari line-up starting from 2015, Kimi Raikkonen welcomed the German to the team.

Raikkonen and Vettel have become friends in recent years, and the Finn insists the main objective for both of them is to propel Ferrari back to the front of the field. Raikkonen himself has often struggled to reach the final part of qualifying this year, while he has yet to finish on the podium since returning to the team.

“I think it will be nice to be with him in the same team,” said Raikkonen. “Obviously the main objective is to get the Ferrari team in a position where we can be near the front of the field. Of course we will be trying to beat each other all the time but I think we can have fun and get things done in a good way.”

Despite his obvious friendship with the German driver, Raikkonen has not been in the same team as him before, but he does not see any problems arising.

“I haven’t worked with him in the same team but I know him best of all the guys,” said Raikkonen. “Our relationship has always been very straightforward and I don’t expect any changes on that side. I expect to have a normal and good relationship and hopefully we can get the team back to where we should be. I am sure we can do that, but only time will tell.”

Looking ahead to the 2015 car, Raikkonen insists he trusts the designers of the car, and hopes next years car will be better suited to the Finn’s driving style, with this years F14 T so far failing to give the Finn any confidence, especially at the front end.

“I trust the people that are designing the new car one hundred per cent,” said Raikkonen. “We know it will be much better, but it depends what other people will do. Will it be good enough? We will find out next year.”