Photographer Injured On Rally Sweden Shakedown Stage

The lead up to Rally Sweden, round two of the FIA World Rally Championship, took a dramatic and frightening turn on Thursday morning after a WRC photographer was hit by a competitor during the shakedown stage.

According to a statement from the Rally Sweden organisers Polish driver Michal Solowow left the road shortly before the finish of the stage and hit the accredited member of the media.

The photographer, who is believed not to have been standing in a designated photo area when the accident occurred, was taken to the hospital in Karlstad for observation and further examination.

A further statement was released by the event organisers shortly after 18:30 on Thursday evening stating that his injuries were not life threatening.

“The photographer who was hit by a car is at the hospital in Karlstad. He has suffered minor fractures in one hand and a compressed vertebra, both injuries he will recover from completely according to the doctors. He will remain in the hospital overnight.”

Frenchman Sebastian Ogier set fastest time in Shakedown with a time of 1:59.0 with Robert Kubica and Kris Meeke in second and third respectively.