Small off for Kvyat costs Red Bull valuable track time

After seeing Daniel Ricciardo have a successful opening day of pre-season testing in Jerez, Infiniti Red Bull Racing were hoping for another good day on Monday with their newly-signed Russian Daniil Kvyat.

However, an early off in the morning broke the new RB11’s front wing, and without a replacement being in Spain, it saw the team sending the twenty-year-old out onto the circuit without a front wing for a number of installation laps.

Kvyat admitted that mistakes do happen, but it was not the way he wanted to start his career as a Red Bull Racing driver. He now hopes to get some meaningful running when he returns to the car on Wednesday for the final day of the test.

“It was not ideal today, sometimes mistakes happen and there’s nothing you can do about them,” said Kvyat. “After that we tried to maximise our day, not having spare parts to replace the wing. We still maximised our running with what we had and hopefully we can recover from that.

“I have another day to make up for it, so just looking forward to Wednesday now.”

Head of Race Engineering Guillaume Rocquelin said that the quick turnaround to get the car readied to be debuted in Jerez meant that they did not have more than the one front wing with them, but is hopeful a new wing arrives overnight so that Ricciardo can resume testing on Tuesday.

“A small off for Dany right at the start of running resulted in a damaged front wing,” stated Rocquelin. “As with everybody else the pressure to get the car ready on time for this test meant that we didn’t have a replacement here.

“However, there are plenty of routine checks that need to be done, systems checks that go on all the time in the background, so we could at least get through a lot of that work today, which is why we sent Dany out for some laps without recording a time.

“A replacement wing will arrive overnight and hopefully it’ll be full speed ahead again tomorrow.”