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Josh Webster: The Man To Beat In Carrera Cup GB 2015

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Josh Webster heads into 2015 with a target marked firmly on his back, as the reigning Porsche Carrera Cup GB champion. Switching to Team Parker Racing for his sophomore season, TCF caught up with Josh at the recent series media day at Silverstone to see how prepared the champion feels for what is set to be the toughest year in the history of the championship.

TCF: Obviously everyone is looking towards you as the reigning champion, what is your outlook for the year ahead?

Josh Webster: “It’s my second year in the Carrera Cup GB and my second year in the Scholarship, so coming from a very positive first year I’m hoping to keep that momentum going. The move to Team Parker Racing I’m really enjoying and the car is absolutely mega at the moment, so we just need to keep developing it and hopefully by the first round we’ll be ready to go and win.”

TCF: After such a successful debut campaign, it surprised a lot of people when you confirmed your switch to Team Parker Racing (from Redline Racing). What was the basis for such a switch?

JW: “I think it’s really good to have a bit of change and Parker were available. At the moment I’m really glad I did, they are doing an incredible job. The team are really into their preparation, there’s thought behind everything they do and it’s refreshing to have a bit of a mix up, working with new people and I’m revelling in it at the moment.”

TCF: One of the biggest changes to the car, at least visually, is that you now have the number one plastered on the door. Does that bring any pressure with it?

JW: “To me it changes the complete look of the car, I love it. There’s naturally a bit of pressure from running a number one car, but I don’t think that pressure will mount up during the year, I’ll turn it into positive energy and use it to my advantage.”

TCF: With the amount of focus on the series this year and the huge expansion of talent in the field, how do you feel about your prospects of defending your title? What could a repeat success mean for your career with Porsche and in sportscars in the long term?

JW: “Hopefully this year if I can win again, then bigger things await. That’s why I race in general, to prove myself and to open up new doors. I feel like if I win for a second time it really cements to people what I’m able to do.”

“I want to win, but then again everyone else does, we’ll see how it goes, how the season progresses, as it’s certainly not going to be easy. You’re never promised a win, promised a championship, so as this time last year I’ve just got to keep pushing to be the best I can.”

“I’m really looking forward to the season though. With the massive grid and eleven pro drivers, it’s going to be anyone’s game, so I’m approaching it almost like I haven’t won the championship yet. It’s all to win and nothing to lose.”

Josh and the rest of the Carrera Cup GB grid will take to the track for the first time this season at Brands Hatch on the short sharp Indy circuit next weekend. Taking the title was hard enough for a rookie, defending it will be even more so.

*Webster was speaking to TCF’s Simon Paice at the official Porsche Carrera Cup GB Media Day*

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