LIVE: Formula One – Round Three – Chinese Grand Prix

It’s already the third round of the 2015 Formula One season and Lewis Hamilton & Sebastian Vettel have taken the two wins available so far this season, but who can take the third win of the season? will be providing live updates of the race, available below.

Joe Hudson April 12, 201506:45

Welcome to the The Checkered Flag’s live coverage of the Chinese Grand Prix, and already Bernie Ecclestone is criticising people left, right and centre

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:01

The field is now on the green flag lap, the weather looks good, and we are ready to start racing!

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:04

Lewis Hamilton has gridded very to the left but it seems to have worked as the two Mercedes cars are one-two with Sebastian Vettel at the start of the race

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:04

Kimi Raikkonen has also got ahead of the Williams cars

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:06

After lap one: Hamilton, Rosberg, Vettel, Raikkonen, Massa, Bottas

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:06

Carlos Sainz in the Toro Rosso locks up and spins going into turn two, he managed to get it back on track

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:09

The Ferraris have some catching up to do, the two Silver Arrows are pulling away at the front

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:14

Kvyat is fighting his sister Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo even after he was told not to hold him up. These racing drivers don’t give up easily

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:20

Verstappen near enough takes out Marcus Ericsson at the end of the back straight to get past, but he does make the move stick

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:21

Hulkenberg has retired coming out of turn 13, gearbox issues is the reason according to team radio

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:22

Felipe Nasr is also the first man into the pits as well

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:26

Vettel is now pitting, they’re going to be on a different strategy to Mercedes – could they be in contention at the end of the race?

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:29

Hamilton into the pits now though, another set of the yellow marked option tyres. Bottas also pits

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:30

Rosberg pits, comes out behind Hamilton but pretty close to Sebastian Vettel who has just set the fastest lap

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:32

Daniil Kvyat’s engine has gone to a better place with a pretty serious smoke/fire/internal explosion issue. That’s at turn 6 with a number of marshals spraying extinguisher everywhere across the car trying to stop it smoking

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:33

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:38

Verstappen gets past Felipe Nasr for 9th at turn 14, goes down the inside no bother at all

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:43

Hamilton still leads on lap 23, he is 2 seconds ahead of Rosberg and Rosberg is 1.4 seconds ahead of Vettel

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:45

Carlos Sainz is now crawling along now, he has a gearbox issue

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:46

But he has now managed to get it going again

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:51

Hamilton being told he needs to get a shift on, he is backing up Rosberg into the clutches of Vettel

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:55

Vettel is being called into the pits now, needs a stormer of an in-lap in the hope of having a long last stint

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:57

Nice stop by the Ferrari there, responding to that Nico Rosberg is being called in by Mercedes to stop Vettel getting ahead

Joe Hudson April 12, 201507:59

Rosberg just about gets ahead of Vettel, but the four time world champion is closing on the Merc

Joe Hudson April 12, 201508:03

Pastor gets into strife at pit entry, locks the tyre and makes a trip to visit the marshals

Joe Hudson April 12, 201508:09

Lap 38 and we have just 2 retirements – notably both the McLaren’s are running as the two Manor-Marussia cars

Joe Hudson April 12, 201508:14

Calamity Maldonado has a spin of his own making, because you know, it wouldn’t be an F1 race is Pastor didn’t do at least two stupid things

Joe Hudson April 12, 201508:15

Verstappen is one hell of a scrapper, best driver of the race so far – just got eighth off Sergio Perez

Joe Hudson April 12, 201508:19

Raikkonen shouting on the radio to “get that McLaren out of the way” That McLaren is Fernando Alonso

Joe Hudson April 12, 201508:26

A very rare moment there, Maldonado was running side-by-side with Button and didn’t crash into him. Miracles do happen. Maldonado can’t get by the McLaren

Joe Hudson April 12, 201508:29

Has Maldonado crashed yet? Yes. He tangles with Button in the McLaren at turn one – they both seem to have carried on with a few minor scrapes

Joe Hudson April 12, 201508:32

That said, it looks like it is Jenson’s fault, tried to dart up the inside as Pastor turned in and clipped the Lotuses rear

Joe Hudson April 12, 201508:37

Max Verstappen goes boom, or at least his engine does – sad really he was easily the only entertaining thing in this dull race

Joe Hudson April 12, 201508:41

It’s like some hidden camera show watching the marshals push the Toro Rosso back into the pit lane. Three/four attempts pushing it behind the wall has so far finished in failure

Joe Hudson April 12, 201508:42

And the race is finishing behind the safety car, so Hamilton wins, Rosberg second, Vettel 3rd, Kimi 4th, Massa 5th

Joe Hudson April 12, 201508:44

Thank you all for following these updates on what has to be a race that won’t go down in even recent history. A full report will be up on The Checkered Flag shortly!