Phillipe Bianchi reveals ‘daily torture’ as Jules remains stable in hospital

Just over six months since his horrific crash during the Japanese Grand Prix, Jules Bianchi remains in a coma in a French hospital, and his father has revealed the Frenchman is still fighting.

Speaking to the French newspaper Nice-Matin, Phillipe Bianchi revealed that the pain of seeing his son comatose in hospital was torturous, never-ending nightmare.

“I think that in this type of accident it shocks more than an actual death,” said Bianchi. “The pain is endless – a daily torture.

“Every day, Jules is running a marathon. All of his organs are working without assistance. But, for now, he remains unconscious. He’s moving forward. So we hope for a new evolution. The next one would be for him to get out of his coma.

“Neurologically, the doctors told us that there is no specific intervention to do. The most important thing is to stimulate Jules, that he feels a constant presence at his side. That’s why we take turns every day – his mother, his sister, his brother and me. He also has, Gina, his German girlfriend, who lives here now.

“From time to time, at his bedside, we see that things are happening. At times, he is more active, he moves more, his hand shakes – but is it mere reflex reactions or real? It’s hard to know.”

We at The Checkered Flag continue to wish Jules Bianchi all the best, and hope he makes a complete recovery from his injuries.  Our thoughts are also with his family and friends at this sad time.