Pirelli reveal tyre compounds for next four races

Pirelli have announced the compounds of tyre that will be brought to the next four Grand Prix in Spain, Monaco, Canada and Austria.

All four events will have the same compounds as in 2014, with the orange-banded P Zero Hard and the white-banded P Zero Medium tyre being used in Spain. Pirelli insist these are the best compounds for this circuit, with the Circuit de Catalunya being renowned for putting high-energy loads through the tyres.

The other three races will see the yellow-banded P Zero Soft and the red-banded P Zero Supersoft tyre being utilised.

Monaco sees the two softest compounds in use due to its slow nature, and with the track relying on mechanical grip from the tyre, the need for quick warm-up of the tyre is a must.

Canada also relies on mechanical grip, and with the race usually run in cool temperatures, the two softest compounds are again the ideal tyre to run.

The layout of the track in Austria means average speed is relatively low, with Pirelli again feeling the two softest compounds available suit the track characteristics.