Haas seeking ‘serious drivers’ for debut season

Gene Haas insists he will not be rushed into signing drivers for his Formula 1 team that is set to join the Championship in 2016, but insists that whoever comes into his team will need to be a ‘serious’ driver.

Haas admits that he is searching for drivers with previous Formula 1 experience, but does not know who will be available when the time comes to organising his 2016 driver line-up, with the American aiming to announce his choices at the end of the summer.

“You can’t really sign up a driver until you get near the end of the season,” revealed Haas to Motorsport.com, “because you don’t really know who’s going to be available. We’re certainly not going to start off with a novice driver that has no experience in F1.

“The timing is what it is. It’s going to be sometime during the end of the summer, when people start moving around.

“As time goes on and people see the organisation building up that’s going to lead to them taking us seriously, and we obviously need serious drivers.

“I think there’s still a lot of scepticism as to whether we’ll even be there or not, but as we get closer and closer it’s up to us to defuse that and say, ‘Hey, we’re coming.'”