Manor to skip post-Barcelona F1 test

The Manor F1 Team will head home after this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix rather than stay at the circuit for the two-day test that takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

The back-marker team feel that the test will be of no real use to them as Will Stevens and Roberto Merhi continue to drive a modified 2014 Marussia rather than a 2015 machine.

“We’ve nothing to test, so there’s not a lot of point in us doing it, with our resources better spent elsewhere at the moment,” said Sporting Director Graeme Lowdon to Autosport.

“The guys have done a really good job in getting on top of this car quickly, so we know the car pretty well and we know what it’s capable of from last year.

“This year we can already see we are getting quite a bit out of it, so there is nothing to be achieved from a technical point of view.”

Autosport sources in Spain also say the team were offered a considerable sum of money by a GP2 Series driver to run at the test, but Lowdon said it would not have been logical for the team to complete the test even with the money the driver was said to be bringing.

“There were some possibilities in that area, but it was the wrong time and focus for us,” added Lowdon. “I wouldn’t go so far as to say it would be a distraction, that would be incorrect, but it’s just not the optimum thing for us to be doing.”

“Yes, the money would be welcome, but equally these cars are pretty expensive to run.

“At the moment we have a really clear plan we are going along with, and that’s because our season is different to everybody else. It’s just the wrong time and place to really make use of the test the way the other teams will do, so the value is not there for us to do it.”