Cammish on Croft – “You have to be quite brave”

Porsche Carrera Cup GB championship leader Dan Cammish heads in to Croft looking to extend his lead over his fellow competitors but he believes it could be a tough task.

“I’ve raced there twice in my career” said the Redline Racing driver ahead of the weekend. “I raced there in Formula Renault and also in Formula Ford. It’s good, it’s a bit different to some of the other tracks in that I don’t find it very flowing.”

While the track experience at Croft is limited for the young driver he admits that the Yorkshire track brings a challenge that some other tracks don’t.

“You have to be quite brave, certainly around the back of the circuit. I tested there a few weeks ago and it’s one of few places where you can really feel the speed. With a lot of other race tracks you’re so far away from the edge of the track that you know you’re going quick but you don’t get a real sense of it, whereas at Croft you do.”

Cammish is coy about his hopes for the weekend, suggesting that the track doesn’t suit him perfectly but he is looking to make the most of the weekend and score some solid points.

“I see different tracks in different ways. In terms of bravery, at somewhere like Croft you don’t always have to be the most concise driver but you just have to be a bit more committed than the next guy. On the other hand you’ve got some tracks that are very technical; it’s not about how brave you are but it’s about how precise you can be with really small steering inputs.

“For me, Croft is a mixture of the two. Towards the end it’s quite technical but the faster bits are just about hanging on, really. But that makes it good for those who are watching. You’ll see people pushing their limits and I’m sure that a few will be beyond the limit at times, especially through the quick sections like Barcroft and Sunny In.”