Former Porsche champion Meadows looking forward to Croft challenge

Michael Meadows is hoping for a change of luck at Croft as the Porsche Carrera Cup GB heads north to the Yorkshire circuit.

“Croft is a great circuit, and it’s a shame that it’s so under-used because it’s got everything.” said the 2012/2013 PCCGB champion.

“There are high speed sections where you change direction quickly as well as some technical areas. It’s a great challenge for the driver because it’s particularly hard on tyres, so the races are always exciting.

Tyre management will play an important role in the Samsung S UHD TV Racing drivers’ weekend as he looks to make up lost ground in the championship.

“In qualifying the lap times come down quickly, after about one or two laps. So in a race after around 15 laps they go off very quickly meaning that there’s a lot of tyre management required.

“You have to drive both the car and the track differently by taking different lines, but it’s a great challenge because in sprint racing you don’t often get that element of management, so in a way it’s a bit like Spa.”

Meadows also believes that many drivers focus on the wrong part of the circuit to gain an advantage.

“A lot of people tend to get caught up in the high speed sections because you think that you have to be flat through there, while you may only gain a hundredth of a second, whereas if you get the slower corners done properly you can gain three tenths” he added.

“I enjoy it although I’ve had some shocking luck there in the last couple of years, but I’ve always been fast. We had a good test there earlier in the year so I’m looking forward to going back there and putting that into practice.”