Jonah Lomu’s Exceptional Motors

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A one of the most intimidating players in the formidable New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, Jonah Lomu has been enthralling sports fans for decades since – at just 20 years old – he was named player of the tournament at the 1995 Ruby World Cup in South Africa. Off-pitch though, the seminal player has been known for another of his passions; automobiles! Here are some of the amazing, powerful and downright exceptional cars that Lomu has owned; try not to be too envious!

Nissan Patrol

An enormous automobile that, in some models, even has a chimney, Lomu’s Nissan Patrol is much like other examples of the SUV, with one rather obvious exception. The star’s massive vehicle features New Zealand’s, indeed perhaps the world’s, most powerful car stereo, louder, in fact, than a jet engine! Clocked at a staggering 160 decibels and costing $52,000, Lomu’s mad sound system would literally kill you if he turned up to eleven, however with the star poised to restart his rugby career, we wonder if the current team would relish the chance to indulge in a little psychological warfare by blasting out the Hakka prior to the match! Check out the team’s current progress and news here are Coral; they might just be in need the Patrol’s particular talents!

’67 Chevy Camaro

New Zealand’s fastest street legal dragster is owned – you guessed it – by Jonah Lomu! The 850bhp, sky blue, flame-decaled monster, fitted with an air intake so tall that, if slightly larger, would require the rugby player to crane his neck out of the driver’s window, is a perfect car for the 6′ 5″ speed freak, completing a 0-100mph sprint in 4.7 seconds.

Nissan Skyline GT-R

Another of Lomu’s mad drag racers, his Skyline GT-R is souped up to a deliciously powerful 600bhp, nearly as powerful as the rugby star’s famous tackling skills.

Lamborghini Aventador

Although details are scant on whether or not the star actually owns one of the fastest, rarest, most expensive cars on the planet, Lomu visited the Lamborghini factory in 2011 at which the Aventador LP 700-4 was made. The All Black was quoted as saying: “The feeling you get in a Lamborghini and the adrenaline rush at every bend are unbelievable! It’s an extreme but comfortable car”

Holden V8

Hailing from New Zealand’s neighbour, the Australian-built Holden V8 road racer is one of Lomu’s favourite autos, likely done up in all manner of AllBlack regalia!

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