LIVE: 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans – Part 1

For the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans, The Checkered Flag will have both hourly reports and a liveblog, keeping you updated for the entire 24 hours.

This page will automatically update with all of the latest news and images from Circuit de la Sarthe.

Vince Pettit June 13, 201513:47

Welcome to the #teamTCF’s coverage of the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans

Vince Pettit June 13, 201513:47

We have just under 15 minutes until the start of the race and there has already been drama with the #2 Toyota speeding in the pitlane on the way out to circuit

Vince Pettit June 13, 201513:48

The #23 Nissan GT-R LM Nismo of Oliver Pla, Jann Mardenborough and Max Chilton will start from the pitlane due to clutch problems

Vince Pettit June 13, 201513:52

The French Air Force perform their annual fly-by over the Start/Finish straight as we get ready for the start of the race

Vince Pettit June 13, 201513:53

The cars are under way for their formation lap

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201513:55

All of the cars from the entry list will start the race, apart from the #63 Corvette, after Jan Magnussen’s crash in qualifying. In total, there are 55 starters.

Vince Pettit June 13, 201513:55

Your hosts for the next 24 hours are Jake Kilshaw,Connor Jackson, Dan Lloyd, Joe Hudson, Nick Smith and myself

Vince Pettit June 13, 201513:56

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201513:59

The #18 Porsche will lead the LMP1 field from the line. 

Vince Pettit June 13, 201514:00

If you have any questions for #TeamTCF over the next 24 hours you can tweet us at @thecheckerflag or comment at the bottom of this page

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:00

…and we are go!!!

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:01

#18 Porsche keeps its lead, with Neel Jani at the wheel.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:02

The #17 has taken the lead from its teammate!

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:02

Timo Bernhard leads the race, ahead of Jani and Hulkenberg.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:04

Lap 1 has finished. The #17 leads the #18 and the #8. Duval has overtaken Hulkenberg for P3.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:06

KCMG’s #47 has kept its LMP2 lead. AF Corse’s #51 car leads LM GTE Pro, and GTE Am is led by the #98 Aston Martin.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:06

Bernhard has a lead of 1 second over Jani.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:09

Bernhard (#17) has pulled away. Cars #18, #8 and #7 are fighting for second position, whilst the #19 and #9 cars are battling for fifth.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:10

The #23 Nissan is still in the pitlane.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:11

In LMP2, KCMG’s #47 is in front. 2nd is #26 G-Drive and 3rd is #41 Greaves Motorsport.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:11

Richie Stanaway in the #99 Aston Martin leads LM GTE-Pro, ahead of #51 AF Corse and #95 Aston.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:12

LM GTE-Am is led by the #98 Aston Martin. Next is #72 SMP Racing and #83 AF Corse.

Vince Pettit June 13, 201514:12

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:18

Stop/go penalties for #67 AAI Porsche and #45 Ibanez.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:20

Aston Martin #95 takes LM GTE-Pro lead from #99 Aston.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:23

LMP1 leaders are starting to lap the GTE cars.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:24

Nissan #23 into the race.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:24

#29 Pegasus Racing Morgan into the pits.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:25

Front left puncture on #68 Team AAI Porsche.

Vince Pettit June 13, 201514:26

The GTE Pro class has had three different leaders already… we’re only 25 minutes in to the race!

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:27

#29 Pegasus Morgan reported for speeding in pitlane.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:28

Sam Bird (#26 G-Drive Ligier) tries to take lead from #47 KCMG ORECA, but fails. 

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:29

2nd placed #18 Porsche of Neel Jani has just recorded the fastest lap: 3:20.471

Vince Pettit June 13, 201514:30

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:30

#46 Thiriet by TDS ORECA has passed #26 G-Drive Ligier for LMP2 2nd position. #47 KCMG leads.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:32

Bernhard’s lead over Jani: 4 seconds.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:32

Pit stop for #9 Audi.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:35

#19 Porsche and #8 Audi pitting.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:37

Top three in LMP1 is still #17, #18, #7. None of these have pitted yet.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:38

Lotterer in 3rd place #7 Audi pits.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:38

All three Audis have now pitted. 

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:39

#18 Porsche is also pitting. Leading #17 still on track.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:40

2014 LMP2 winners, #38 JOTA Gibson, has entered the garage, with electrical problems.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:41

Leading #17 Porsche pits.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:44

After pitstops, #17 Porsche still leads #18.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:45

Two leaders are very close, 0.6 seconds separates the two Porsches.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:46

Left-hand door has blown open on #21 Nissan. Has just pitted, so will have to pit again.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:49

LMP2: #46 Thiriet by TDS ORECA leads LMP2, ahead of #26 G-Drive Ligier.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:49

LM GTE-Pro: #95 Aston Martin leads #99 Aston.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:50

LM GTE-Am: #72 SMP Racing Ferrari in 1st, ahead of #77 Dempsey-Proton Porsche.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:54

#47 KCMG back into 2nd in LMP2, ahead of #26 G-Drive. #46 Thiriet by TDS ORECA still leads.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201514:56

Neel Jani is 1.1 seconds behind Timo Bernhard in LMP1 lead.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201515:00

Top six cars are only 8.1 seconds apart, as the race nears the 1 hour mark.

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:00

As the first hour turns into the second, there is a Rebellion in the gravel at the first chicane, and one of the Porsches is on fire majorly!

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:02

SAFETY CAR: The #92 Porsche is on fire at the edge of the Mulsanne. Rebellion is in the gravel after it hit the Strakka LMP2 going into the corner.

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:03

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:08

While the safety car is out, we’ll have a look at the class leaders to keep ourselves entertained:

P1: #17 Porsche, #18 Porsche, #8 Audi

P2: #46 Thiriet, #47 KCMG, #26 G-Drive

GTE Pro: #95 Aston Martin, #51 AF Corse Ferrari, #97 Aston Martin

GTE Am: #72 SMP Racing Ferrari, #98 Aston Martin, #55 AF Corse Ferrari

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:09

And the #13 Rebellion is back in the pits, getting pushed into the garage with damage to the nose

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:11

Marshals once again doing a good job

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:12

As someone just noted on Twitter, this safety car has helped the Toyotas close up again to the lead group

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:16

Bit of explanation of the JOTA going into the pits in the first hour, back out now:

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:17

#2 Toyota driven by Alexander Wurz has spun under the safety car

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:19

The Rebellion #13 has just had a very quick nose job and is waiting at the end of the pit lane to be released behind one of the three safety car trains

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:22

Safety cars are coming in this lap so lets get ready to start racing once again!!

Vince Pettit June 13, 201515:23

If you’ve missed the first hour and are looking to get up to speed we have just filed the Hour 1 update at

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:24

Neel Jani is already making moves at Lotterer in the #7 is near enough touching the back of the #18 Porsche

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:26

At the front of LMP1 we have two Porsches, two Audis, a Porsche, an Audi and then the two Toyotas

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:28

KCMG has moved up to the lead of LMP2 at the expense of the Thiriet by TDS Racing Oreca 05

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:33

Lotterer in the #7 Audi has got up to the lead of the race as he got past the #18 and then the #19 Porsches going through the Dunlop chicane

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:40

The #7 is now in the pits so that means the #17 is in the lead with the #18 2nd, they haven’t stopped yet but the sister #19 919 has

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:42

In GTE Pro, the #95 Aston Martin of Nicki Thiim leads by almost five seconds over Gianmaria Bruni in the #51 AF Corse Ferrari with the #97 Aston of Stefan Mucke 3rd

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:42

And the #18 Porsche is in the pits for their second stop now

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:45

The Krohn Racing Ligier has spun at the first chicane, seems to be of his own making and thankfully hasn’t hit anything

Vince Pettit June 13, 201515:49

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:49

The #7 has now got past the #18 for second place at Indianapolis as out comes a yellow flag for a cone on track

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:53

#31 has spun at the end of the Mulsanne, went in a bit too hot and now the Rolling Stone backed ESM has spun 

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:54

#99 Aston and the #64 Corvette are battling fiercely with James Calado in the #71 Ferrari getting involved in that scrap as well

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:56

The ByKolles machine is in the pits, doesn’t look too promising

Joe Hudson June 13, 201515:58

Cars in the gravel at the first chicane on the Mulsanne, hearing it could be the #30 ESM and the Krohn Racing Ligier

Joe Hudson June 13, 201516:00

Yep definitely them, Tracy Krohn tried to go down the inside of Scott Sharp in the #30 and hit him

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:02

Problems for the #40 Krohn Racing sees him in the Gravel, Yellow Flag out

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:03

Meanwhile #35 Oak Racing Spins at the first chicane on the straight.

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:04

Class Leaders after 2 Hours:

P1: #17 Porsche, #7
Audi, #18 Porsche

P2: #47 KCMG, #46
Thiriet, #26 G-Drive

GTE-Pro: #95 Aston
Martin, #51 AF Corse Ferrari, #97 Aston Martin

GTE-Am: #72 SMP Racing
Ferrari, #55 AF Corse Ferrari, #77 Dempsey

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:06

After 2 hours of Porsche Domination, we finally see another change for the lead as Andre Lotterer moves his #7 Audi past Bernhard

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:09

Both Extreme Speed Motorsport Team Cars have spun, with Scott Sharp’s #30 now beached at the chicane.

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:11

#41 Greaves Motorsport of Lancaster pits with a severely damaged #96 Aston Martin

Vince Pettit June 13, 201516:11

As Patrick Dempsey heads out on track it could be a perfect opportunity to have a look at his thoughts prior to the race here –

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:16

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:18

The #9 Audi and the #19 Porsche of Nico Hulkenberg pit at the same time.

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:20

A driver change in the #19 Porsche sees Hulkenberg hand the car over Nick Tandy

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:23

Loic Duval pits and stays in the #8 Audi after a pitstop. No tyre changes however as the Audi team try to extend their life.

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:25

The third LMP1 Audi makes his pitstop, with race leader Andre Lotterer coming in for only Fuel. The #17 Porsche retakes the lead

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:29

The #29 Pegasus, gravel trapping a mulsanne, it won’t affect him as he currently struggles, 5 laps off the lead

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:33

Anthony Davidson now stepping into the #1 Toyota

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:37

After trying to not change tyres, the #7 Audi comes into the pits, only three laps after it last came in. A full service, sees the race leader hand over to Benoit Treluyer

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:39

It’s being reported that Lotterer had a puncture, hence the unscheduled pit stop which cost him the lead

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:40

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:42

After the Audi was forced to pit, Brendan Hartley now leads the race by 13 seconds in the #17 Porsche over the #18 Porsche

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:47

In the GTE-Pro class, after almost 3 hours of racing, the #95 Aston Martin leads by 5 seconds over the #99 Aston Martin V8 driven by Richie Stanaway

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:48

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:52

The #7 Audi brushed the wall in the first sector, Treleyer Continues

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:52

Huge Accident for the #8 Audi, sees him try to avoid a group of GTE cars and smash into the wall

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:55

Slow Zones caught out the Audi as Duval heads back to the pits

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:56

Connor Jackson June 13, 201516:58

Safety Car out while the the barrier is fixed. The #8 Audi is already back out

Connor Jackson June 13, 201517:01

Connor Jackson June 13, 201517:05

Now an Porsche 1-2-3 as the Safety Car continues to circulate

Connor Jackson June 13, 201517:08

In LMP2 Nicolas Lapierre leads in the KCMG Car

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:11

Pit stop for the #36 Signatech Alpine, Nelson Panciatici at the wheel.

Connor Jackson June 13, 201517:13

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:14

The #64 Corvette has also taken a full service. Tommy Milner remains at the wheel.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:18

To recap, Hartley (#17 Porsche) leads, from Lieb (#18 Porsche) and Tandy (#19 Porsche). Tréluyer is fourth in the first of the Audis.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:22

The #43 Team SARD Morand Morgan comes into the pits, taking on a new set of tyres.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:24

ORECA holds the top three places in LMP2: Lapierre (#47 KCMG) leads Badey (#46 Thiriet by TDS Racing) and Chandhok (#48 Murphy).

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:26

Nick Tandy brings the #19 Porsche into the pits for a full service.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:28

Fire coming out of the #88 Abu Dhabi Racing Porsche! Christian Ried pulls over just after the second chicane.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:28

That’s the third major fire for the German manufacturer’s GTE cars this week.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:29

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:32

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:34

Pit stop for the #35 OAK Racing Ligier. Erik Maris brings the car in for Jacques Nicolet, who stalls the car on pit exit.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:36

Wondering how to tell the difference between the two OAK Racing Ligiers? The #34 car has a pink/black fin, while the #35 has a pink fin with white heart motif.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:41

The safety car will come in at the end of this lap.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:43

GREEN! The #7 Audi overtakes the #18 Porsche immediately.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:44

Tréluyer is fighting to hold back the sheer pace of Lieb’s Porsche as they brake into Indianapolis.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:46

Fastest first sector by Filipe Albuquerque in the #8 Audi.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:47

Fastest first sector by Filipe Albuquerque in the #9 Audi.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:48

Davide Rigon (#71 Ferrari) gets caught up behind Patrick Dempsey and loses two spots to the #97 Aston and the #64 Corvette.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:49

Tommy Milner in the #64 Corvette drags past the #97 Aston of Darren Turner to take the GTE-Pro lead.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:50

First, second, third and fourth in GTE-Pro are nose-to-tail heading into the Porsche Curves!

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:51

GTE-Pro order: Milner, Turner, Rigon, Rees.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:52

Benoit Tréluyer brings the #7 Audi into the pits for fuel only.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:54

Brendon Hartley is going above and beyond in the leading #17 Porsche – he is currently on his 17th lap of the stint.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:54

…..and Hartley comes into the Porsche pit box. The New Zealander takes on a tank of fuel and heads back out.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:56

Milner and Turner have forged a small gap ahead of Rigon and Rees in the GTE-Pro lead battle. Still only 2.2 seconds separate the quartet.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201517:58

Fernando Rees executes a brave pass on the outside of Davide Rigon heading into Indianapolis. The GTE-Pro order is now Corvette-Aston-Aston-Ferrari.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201518:01

SPIN FOR THE #97 ASTON MARTIN. Tommy Milner gets slightly offline at the first chicane, catching out Darren Turner behind him. Turner spins and re-joins the track fourth in class.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:04

As we enter the fifth hour, Hartley leads Albuquerque by 11.1 seconds.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201518:04

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:05

di Grassi has un-lapped the #8 Audi.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:06

We now have eight cars on the lead lap – three Porsches, three Audis and two Toyotas.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:07

Albuquerque is a man on a mission in the #9 Audi. He’s reduced the gap to Hartley to 8 seconds.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:09

Albuquerque has just done the best lap of the race: 3:18.477!

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:12

Another new lap record for Albuquerque. He is now 0.5 seconds behind Hartley’s #17 Porsche.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:13

Albuquerque’s new lap record is 3:17.647. Hartley’s last lap was three seconds slower.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:15

Albuquerque pits. He hadn’t managed to pass the Porsche.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:16

Now the LMP1 battle is quieter, let’s look at the other classes.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:17

In LMP2, Nicolas Lapierre still leads in the #47 KCMG ORECA, with a large gap back to the #47 Thiriet by TDS ORECA.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:17

The battle for LM GTE Pro lead is still exciting, with Milner’s #64 Corvette out front, but with a gap of only 1 second back to Rees in the #99 Aston.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:18

And in LM GTE Am, Shaytar leads in SMP Racing’s #72 Ferrari. A long way back is Ben Keating in the #53 Riley Motorsports Viper.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:19

Rees has overtaken the Corvette for LM GTE Pro lead.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:20

Back in LMP1, Hartley leads in the #17 Porsche, 52 seconds ahead of Tréluyer’s #7 Audi. After pitting, Albuquerque is in third.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:21

All of the Audis and Toyotas have pitted 5 times, but the Porsches have stopped 4 times each.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:25

In LMP1 3rd position, Albuquerque is defending from an attack from Lieb in the #18 Porsche.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:26

In the LM GTE Pro battle, Milner’s #64 Corvette is back in the lead, 6.5 seconds ahead of Fernando Rees in the #99 Aston. Darren Turner’s #97 Aston sits in third.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:29

Further back in LMP1, #19 Porsche is 5th, followed by the #1 and #2 Toyotas. In 8th is the #8 Audi. Rebellion’s #12 car is 9th, and its sister car is 10th in class, 14th overall. 

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:30

The Nissans are 19th, 28th and 49th overall, in the order #22, #21 and #23. Finally, the ByKolles #4 car is 14th in LMP1, and 51st overall.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:30

So far, we only have one retirement, and that is the #92 Porsche Team Manthey 911 in LM GTE Pro, after its fire earlier in the race.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:33

…and I spoke too soon. Abu Dhabi-Proton Racing’s #88 911 RSR has retired from the LM GTE Am battle.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:37

Gary Hirsch in the #41 Greaves Motorsport Gibson – Nissan has had a near miss, going wide into the gravel and narrowly missing the wall.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:39

The #17 Porsche of Hartley has pitted from the lead. 

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:40

The gap between Hartley and Albuquerque is now 8 seconds. Haven’t we been here before?!?

Vince Pettit June 13, 201518:41

For those of you that somehow missed the news from yesterday…

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:50

Lead change in LM GTE Am: Mathias Lauda in the #98 Aston Martin has passed the #72 SMP Ferrari.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:52

Brendon Hartley is still out front in Porsche’s #17 919 Hybrid. In 2nd is Filipe Albuquerque in the #9 Audi, and is 4.7 seconds behind. 

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:53

Driver change in Thiriet by TDS Racing’s #46 ORECA. They are 2nd in LMP2. Thiriet replaces Badey.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201518:56

Unscheduled pitstop for the #18 Porsche from 4th position. Likely due to a puncture, as it had only done a 6 lap stint.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201519:00

Greaves Motorsport takes 2nd in LMP2. Gary Hirsch is at the wheel of the #41 Gibson – Nissan.

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:02

We are now into the sixth hour, as the #68 Porsche has incident on the Mulsanne

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:06

Lets have a run through of the leaders now we have had five hours gone.

LMP1: #17 Porsche, #7 Audi, #9 Audi

LMP2: #47 KCMG Oreca, #41 Greaves Motorsport Gibson, #46 Thiriet by TDS Racing Oreca

GTE Pro: #64 Corvette, #99 Aston Martin, #97 Aston Martin

GTE Am: #98 Aston Martin, #72 SMP Racing Ferrari, #53 TI Automotive Viper

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:07

But as I’ve typed that the #41 Greaves Motorsport Gibson 015S has stopped out on track

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:07

The ByKolles car is also in the pits in bits

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:09

The #41 has stopped just before Tertre Rouge so we have slow zones out on circuit

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:14

Bit more info on what happened to the #41 Greaves car:

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:17

The #1 is back out after its repairs, it is now ninth in class one lap down on the Rebellion in 8th

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:19

Might just be one of those days for the Toyota though…

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:21

The #7 Audi has just slowed through the slow zone at the Porsche curves as it breaks down the lead of the Porsche to less than 30 seconds

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:26

In LMP2 the two Orecas still lead with KCMG almost two minutes ahead of the Thiriet by TDS Racing machine

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:27

Corvette still leads the head of the GTE Pro field but has done one stop less than the #99 and #97 Aston Martins

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:29

In GTE AM SMP Racing have a one minute lead over the #98 Aston Martin of Mathias Lauda

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:31

Filipe Albuquerque now leads the race with the #17 Porsche of Mark Webber in second place

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:37

The #7 Audi of Benoit Treluyer is taking absolutely no prisoners in passing traffic down the Mulsanne

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:46

Albuquerque now pits from the lead of the race, he gets fuel and new drinks bottles but no tyres. Webber is now in the lead of the race

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:50

KCMG Oreca is pitting now, as out on track Darren Turner is passed relatively easily in the Aston by Jordan Taylor in the Corvette

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:52

Lapierre has also been replaced in the KCMG by Matthew Howson, Lapierre has done three hours and forty minutes in the car on a quadruple stint

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:53

#34 Oak Racing Ligier of Chris Cumming has beached the car in the gravel at Indianapolis

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:55

The #19 Porsche has also pitted with Earl Bamber handing the car over to Nico Hulkenburg

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:57

Gary Hirsch is still in the #41 Greaves car following its flat battery, it is behind the barriers and Hirsch is looking frustrated behind the wheel

Joe Hudson June 13, 201519:58

Just been shown a replay of the #22 Nissan hitting a handful of cones in the pit lane on its way out on to the track

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:02

Benoit Tréluyer has brought the gap between himself and Mark Webber down to just 1.8 seconds.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:03

Here comes Tréluyer into turn one….

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:07

Driver change for the #7 Audi. Benoit Tréluyer comes in and hands the car over to Marcel Fassler.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:13

KCMG continues to lead LMP2, Matt Howson is now at the wheel.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:14

The #21 Nissan is in the garage with a front brake disc change.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:16

Howson is now attempting to lap the Signatech Alpine entry, which is third in class.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:19

Filipe Albuquerque (#9 Audi) now has a 41 second lead over Mark Webber (#17 Porsche). Marcel Fassler is third.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:19

The Thiriet by TDS Racing ORECA comes into the pits for a service. Pierre Thiriet remains at the wheel.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:20

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:22

The #97 Aston Martin is now taking a new set of tyres. Darren Turner came in from second in GTE-Pro.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:23

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:28

The #8 Audi comes into the pits – Oliver Jarvis relieves Lucas di Grassi of his driving duties in sixth place overall.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:31

The leading #9 Audi also makes its way into the pits. GT ace René Rast will make his Le Mans debut as dusk begins to surround the circuit.

Jake Kilshaw June 13, 201520:31

If you missed anything, catch up on our hour 6 report here:

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:32

The #9 car’s pit stop has promoted Mark Webber (#17 Porsche) to the lead of the race.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:36

The LMP2 leading KCMG ORECA heads into the pits.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:38

Four LMP1 cars have recorded lap times quicker than the Le Mans race record. The fastest is still Filipe Albuquerque at 3:17.647s.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:39

The #19 Porsche (Hulkenberg) heads into the pits for a fuel only stop.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:39

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:41

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:42

The #26 G-Drive Ligier (Sam Bird) comes in for a splash and dash. The Briton remains fourth in LMP2.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:43

Mechanics are examining the underside of the Riley Motorsports Viper.

Vince Pettit June 13, 201520:44

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:45

One of the Nissans has a slight moment, hopping over the Ford Chicane kerb after coming under pressure from race leader Webber. Both cars continue unscathed.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:48

Laurens Vanthoor submits a race-best 3 minute 38s lap aboard the #34 OAK Racing Ligier. The Belgian is 11th in class.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:51

The lights on the cars are getting brighter. It won’t be long before darkness descends over Le Mans….

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:51

KCMG’s last pit stop is under investigation by the race stewards.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:55

Meanwhile, in GTE-Am, the #98 Aston Martin is maintaining its healthy lead with Pedro Lamy at the wheel. Emmanuel Collard (#83 AF Corse) remains in second.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:55

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201520:58

LEAD CHANGE: Mark Webber (#17 Porsche) comes into the pits and surrenders the lead to René Rast (#9 Audi).

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:03

In LMP1 the order stands after 7 hours:

1. #9 Audi – Rast
2. #17 Porsche – Webber
3. #7 Audi – Fassler

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:05

#18 Porsche has gone into the barrier at the hairpin at the end of the straight. He’ll make his way back to the pits

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:06

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:08

Neil Jani will step into the #18 Porsche as the Nose is changed, costing them an extra 30 seconds in the pits.

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:11

In LMP2, the Nissan powered cars lead with the #47 KCMG leading the #46 Thiriet by almost a lap.

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:12

Into the pits comes Oliver Jarvis in the #8 Audi as they change tyres only

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:15

The #40 Krohn has stopped on track, it was dragged off before it got going again, losing 2 minutes

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:15

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:18

Another change for the lead as the #9 Audi comes in for its 9th stop, Webber in the #17 Porsche reclaims top spot

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:21

Mark Webber currently leads by 18 seconds over Marcel Fassler in the #7 Audi.

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:24

The #19 Porsche pits from third. They seem out of contention for the win at the moment, but there’s still 3/4 of the race to go.

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:28

After some pit stops from the front runners, we have an unusual situation where the #98 Aston Martin in GTE-Am is only 1 lap of the GTE-Pro leader, #64 Corvette

Joe Hudson June 13, 201521:30

If you missed the seventh hour of the race, where were you? Don’t worry, we have you covered:

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:32

#97 Aston Martin now only 2 seconds behind the GTE-Pro leader #64 Corvette

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:34

Meanwhile at the front, the #17 Porsche has extended his lead by 3 seconds in the last lap over the #7 Audi

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:36

#41 Greaves Motorsport has been officially withdrawn from the race, as they were unable to fix the battery problem.

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:38

#7 Audi pits. It’s clear that they don’t have the dominance now, leading Webber in the #17 to be told to stay out one more lap

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:39

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:42

Crash and Yellow flag after #36 Signatech runs off at Mulsanne

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:43

Safety Car Out as a medical car is called

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:44

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:46

Paul Loup Chatin was the driver. He’s fine and has decided to stay in the car as it is craned off, obviously hoping to get it restarted at the track side

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:48

#9 Audi leads with Rene Rast, but the safety car means that the #17 and #19 Porsche are immediatly behind

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:50

In fact the #7 Audi is also close behind in fourth. Which means that after almost 8 hours of racing, 4 cars from 2 manufacturers are split by 12 seconds. Incredible!

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:50

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:54

Meanwhile in LMP2 the #47 KCMG continues in the lead behind the safety car after pitting

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:56

Over at Nissan in LMP1, the team continue to work on the #21 but no sign of getting back out any time soon

Connor Jackson June 13, 201521:59

From Greaves Motorsport after the retirement of the #41 – “Unfortunately we couldn’t get the battery started from where we were after hours of trying. Fingers crossed for the rest of the championship”

Connor Jackson June 13, 201522:00

Joe Hudson June 13, 201522:03

We’ll have a quick butchers through the class leaders while we are still under the safety car:

LMP1: #9 Audi, #17 Porsche, #19 Porsche

LMP2: #47 KCMG, #46 Thiriet by TDS Racing, #26 G-Drive Racing

GTE Pro: #64 Corvette, #97 Aston Martin, #99 Aston Martin

GTE Am: #98 Aston Martin, #83 AF Corse, #72 SMP Racing Ferrari

Joe Hudson June 13, 201522:05

Eduardo Freitas, the race director, has confirmed barrier repairs are taking place on the Mulsanne so this is why safety car is still out

Joe Hudson June 13, 201522:08

We have also restarted the race now but the slow zone at the damaged area on the Mulsanne will remain for a while longer

Joe Hudson June 13, 201522:11

Rast still leads after the restart after using the Nissan as a handy road block to give him a bit of breathing space over Mark Webber’s Porsche

Joe Hudson June 13, 201522:17

#97 Aston Martin in GTE Pro has pulled off the track at the end of the Mulsanne in the slow zone, something sounds broken

Joe Hudson June 13, 201522:18

#9 Audi pitted from the lead with the #19 claiming the lead

Joe Hudson June 13, 201522:23

News from Aston Martin:

Joe Hudson June 13, 201522:24

That all means that the Team Manthey Porche has moved up to a podium position

Joe Hudson June 13, 201522:29

The #19 is in the pits so that means the #17 leads and the #7 is 2nd

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201522:32

The Storm is Brewing – Our eighth hour summary is now online:

Joe Hudson June 13, 201522:34

Porsche is 1.117 seconds ahead of Audi for the lead as the slow zone at Mulsanne corner is lifted!

Joe Hudson June 13, 201522:35

BIG NEWS for the front of the field, #17 Porsche has been given a one minute stop/go for overtaking under yellows!!

Joe Hudson June 13, 201522:36

#47 KCMG car that has been going so well has also been handed a drive through penalty

Joe Hudson June 13, 201522:40

The #17 is in for its penalty and the #7 is in for its scheduled pit stop

Joe Hudson June 13, 201522:43

#99 Aston Martin has taken the lead in GTE Pro from the #64 Corvette 

Joe Hudson June 13, 201522:45

#17 is back in again – this time for its scheduled pit stop as Timo Bernhard relieves Mark Webber behind the wheel – Webber had done more than 3 hours in the car

Vince Pettit June 13, 201522:46

For those who haven’t heard, not only with Ford be joining the grid next year, The Brabham name will also be back on the grid in LMP2. Read all about the project with our in-depth look here…

Joe Hudson June 13, 201522:51

#19 is in the lead as the #9 and the #7 form the head of the chasing pack

Joe Hudson June 13, 201522:57

In LMP2 KCMG still leads from Thiriet by TDS Racing, and G-Drive Racing

Joe Hudson June 13, 201523:00

Top 3 positions in each class after Hour 9 of the 83rd 24 Hours of Le Mans


  • #19 Porsche 919 Hybrid – Hulkenberg/Bamber/Tandy
  • #9 Audi R18 e-tron quattro – Albuquerque/Bonanomi/Rast
  • #7 Audi R18 e-tron quattro – Fassler/Treluyer/Lotterer


  • #47 KCMG Oreca 05 – Nissan – Howson/Bradley/Lapierre
  • #46 Thiriet by TDS Racing Oreca 05 – Nissan – Thiriet/Badey/Gommendy
  • #26 G-Drive Racing Ligier JS P2 – Bird/Rusinov/Canal


  • #99 Aston Martin Racing Vantage V8 – Rees/MacDowall/Stanaway
  • #64 Corvette Racing C7R – Gavin/Milner/Taylor
  • #91 Team Manthey Porsche 991 – Lietz/Christensen/Bergmeister


  • #98 Aston Martin Racing V8 – Dalla Lana/Lauda/Lamy
  • #83 AF Corse Ferrari – Aguas/Perrodo/Collard
  • #72 SMP Racing Ferrari 458 Italia – Shaytar/Bertolini/Basov

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:04

It’s now Sunday morning at Le Mans, with only six seconds separating the leading pair of Hulkenberg and Rast.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:05

Harry Tincknell brings the #22 Nissan into the pits, which is now lacking a front hood. The mechanics wheel it back into the garage.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:06

The #22 Nissan has also incurred damage to the front splitter.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:09

There is debris on the approach to Indianapolis, possibly a result of the Nissan incident.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:10

On-board replays are showing that the #22 Nissan hit a piece of debris heading towards Indianapolis.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:11

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:12

The #23 Nissan has stopped on the escape road at Arnage, prompting waved yellows. Olivier Pla is at the wheel.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:14

Nico Hulkenberg is continuing to lap in the low 3:22s – he is currently the fastest driver on the circuit, despite being at the tail end of his fourth stint.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:14

Pla has been recovered and is back on track.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:15

Nico Hulkenberg, after a marathon quadruple stint, brings the leading #19 Porsche into the pits. Nick Tandy takes over.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:16

Marcel Fassler (#7 Audi) will pit in three laps.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:20

The #12 Rebellion has slowed on pit entry.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:21

One car to watch in the LMP2 class is the #43 Team SARD Morand Morgan. Despite having a troubled start to the season the team is running fifth in class with Oliver Webb at the wheel. A trouble-free night stint could make Benoit Morand’s team a podium contender.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:22

André Lotterer is primed to take control of the #7 Audi that Marcel Fassler has piloted for four stints.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:22

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:25

The #7 Audi of Marcel Fassler trundles down the pit lane for a full service. Andre Lotterer is set to take over, for a quadruple stint at least.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:26

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:28

All five LMP1 cars that are making their race debuts this weekend are still in the race. The highest placed is the #12 Rebellion in 9th place.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:30

The GTE-Pro lead battle has been quiet for a few hours, but now it’s starting to hot up again. Richie Stanaway (#99 Aston Martin) is just 12 seconds behind Oliver Gavin (#64 Corvette).

Connor Jackson June 13, 201523:32

Were you watching last hour? If not check out the report as we continue our coverage of the Le Mans 24 Hours. –

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:35

Pit stop for the #64 Corvette. Richie Stanaway assumes the lead of the GTE-Pro class in the red and yellow #99 Aston Martin.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:36

Aston Martin Racing continues to lead the GTE-Am category.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:38

Battle for 2nd in GTE-Am – Francois Perrodo (#83 AF Corse) is only 30 seconds behind Andrea Bertolini (#72 SMP Racing), although Bertolini was six seconds quicker last time around.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:41

The #27 SMP Racing BR01 LMP2 is in the pits for a routine stop. The Russian squad, owned by Boris Rotenberg, is entering the new coupe design into its first 24 hour race. The #27 car is running 20th overall.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:44

The #21 Nissan is slow heading into the second chicane. Sparks are being deposited as components scrape along the surface. It’s a long way back to the pits for Tsugio Matsuda.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:46

The two Toyotas are continuing to plug away – Alex Wurz has just posted a 3:27.637s in the #2 car, which is three laps down on the leader – while Sébastien Buemi is a further four laps adrift.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:48

The #8 Audi makes its way into the pits. Fuel and tyres are applied. Meanwhile, the #21 Nissan has come to a complete stop after spinning at Arnage.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:50

The #34 OAK Racing Ligier takes on a new load of fuel. Featuring three Le Mans rookies in Chris Cumming, Kévin Estre and Laurens Vanthoor, this one-off entry is currently running 8th in LMP2 and 18th overall.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:50

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:54

Marco Bonanomi is now back at the wheel of the #9 Audi.

Daniel Lloyd June 13, 201523:57

Therefore, Nick Tandy moves into the lead of the race. This #19 Porsche (sporting a white livery) is competing in the second and third rounds of the FIA World Endurance Championship only. The car finished sixth in its race debut at the 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps in May.

Daniel Lloyd June 14, 201500:00

Tracy Krohn comes in for a fuel stop in the #40 Krohn Racing Ligier. Krohn and his driving partner Nic Jonsson have become the longest-serving partnership in the Le Mans 24 Hours – this is their 10th race together at the famous La Sarthe circuit.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201500:03

10 Hours Down, #19 Pits

Connor Jackson June 14, 201500:05

As we reach Midnight in the UK and 1:00 in Le Mans. The #7 Audi leads the #19 Porsche by 4 seconds

Connor Jackson June 14, 201500:07

Fisichella stays in the #51 AF Course as the Ferrari pits

Vince Pettit June 14, 201500:09

Slow zone (yellows) still in place in 25,26 and 27 while they clear away the stricken Nissan

Vince Pettit June 14, 201500:10

Track now marked as clear

Vince Pettit June 14, 201500:13

Vince Pettit June 14, 201500:14

#30 G-Drive – Reported speeding in the pitlane

Connor Jackson June 14, 201500:16

Driver Change in the #1 Toyota as Anthony Davidson takes over to come out in eighth

Connor Jackson June 14, 201500:18

#18 Porsche has beached itself at the same corner it crashed earlier today. Neel Jani the one on board

Connor Jackson June 14, 201500:20

The Crane has been called to drag it away

Connor Jackson June 14, 201500:21

The #18 has got going once again, but has fallen behind the #8 Audi

Connor Jackson June 14, 201500:25

#18 Porsche pulls into the pits, Marc Lieb takes over from Jani after the crash, as the team replaces the nose and tyres. Still got back out infront of the Toyota cars.

Joe Hudson June 14, 201500:27

We have a recap of hour ten available now, an hour that was filled with woe for the three LMP1 Nissans:

Connor Jackson June 14, 201500:28

The Class Leaders at 1:30 CET.
LMP1: Porsche #19
LMP2: Oreca KCMG #47
GTE-Pro: Corvette #64
GTE-Am: Aston Martin #98

Connor Jackson June 14, 201500:32

Still four cars on the lead lap as Nick Tandy leads in the #19 Porsche

Connor Jackson June 14, 201500:34

Crash for the #31 Extreme Speed Car. He’s forced to limp around the lap with no headlights

Connor Jackson June 14, 201500:36

Connor Jackson June 14, 201500:37

#9 Audi of Marco Bonanomi pits from second place. No tyres, just fuel

Connor Jackson June 14, 201500:40

In GTE-Pro, the top three are from 3 different manufacturers split by just over a minute. THe #99 Aston Martin leads after 145 laps.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201500:43

Both Porsche’s are now lapping quicker than the Audi’s, Tandy has pulled out a second a lap over the #7 in his #19 Porsche. Meanwhile the #18 is catching in fourth.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201500:46

Nissan announce that their #21 has officially retired, as the leader #19 Porsche pits.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201500:51

In GTE-Pro, it’s looking likely that we could end up with another four car battle at some point. Giancarlo Fisichella in the AF Course is now on the same lap as the GTE-Pro leader in fourth.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201500:57

Smoke from the back of the #40 Krohn Racing could be concerning. Tracy Krohn continues for now.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201501:00

Lotterer Pits from second with a scheduled stop. The #7 Audi manages to stay ahead of the #17 Porsche despite the delay.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:06

The #40 Krohn Racing entry pitted for a new rear wing and bodywork. It seemed the smoke from the back was only the bodywork rubbing against the wheels.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:07

The #19 Porsche still leads as the race heads into its eleventh hour, Nick Tandy continuing to show good pace.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:09

The team manager for the #18 Porsche has been called to the stewards for an unknown reason.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:12

The #27 SMP Racing LMP2 car has lost a tyre, with another car lucky not to collect the stray tyre as it rolled away.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:13

The battle for GTE Pro still rages, with four cars on the same lap. The #99 AMR leads the #64 Corvette by less than five seconds after 11 hours!

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:15

Class leaders with 12 hours 45 minutes to go:
LMP1 – #19 Porsche
LMP2 – #47 KCMG
GTE Pro – #99 Aston Martin Racing
GTE Am – #98 Aston Martin Racing

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:17

Tandy is more than a minute clear in the lead of the #9 Audi that currently runs in P2, while Andre Lotterer is a few more seconds back having made one extra stop.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:18

You have to remember that the #19 Porsche is not a full time entry, but all three drivers are having a great race, with Tandy, Nico Hulkenberg and Earl Bamber showing their worth.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:20

The #29 Pegasus Racing car of Ho Pin Tung is beached in the gravel in the Porsche Curves. There is a yellow flag zone in the area.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:23

The battle for the lead of GTE Pro is on, the #99 Aston Martin Racing and the #64 Corvette Racing machines are nose to tail. Fernando Rees is in the #99, Oliver Gavin in the #64.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:24

During the yellow flag zone, Rees seemed to get a bit of a gap to Gavin, but it did not take long for the two to close up again.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:25

The yellow flag zone is still active as they remove Ho Pin Tung’s car from the gravel.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:27

Up front, the #9 Audi has pitted from P2, with Marco Bonanomi staying in the car, but it promotes Andre Lotterer in the #7 Audi into P2.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:28

The leader should be set for a pit stop sooner rather than later, with the #19 Porsche the only car in the top six not to have made his 14th pit stop.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:28

A mistake by Fernando Rees has allowed Oliver Gavin through into the lead of GTE Pro.

Vince Pettit June 14, 201501:29

A look back to hour 11 can be found here –

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:31

The #64 pits from the GTE Pro lead battle as the yellow flag zone is finally withdrawn.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:32

Gavin has got out of the car with Tommy Milner taking the controls of the #64.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:33

Meanwhile, the leader has pitted, with Nick Tandy remaining in the #19.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:35

Tandy has kept hold of the lead after his pit stop, the advantage may have swung towards Porsche.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:35

The lead is less than ten seconds however from Lotterer in the #7 Audi.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:38

There is another yellow flag zone on the circuit. The #43 Morgan is stopped at the side of the road smoking. Pierre Ragues was behind the wheel.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:41

Looks like Benoit Treluyer is set to replace Andre Lotterer in the #7 at the next pit stop. He is suited and booted ready to go.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:43

And Lotterer pits from P2. Despite Treluyer being ready to go, Lotterer remains in the car.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:44

News from Nissan, Jann Mardenborough should be getting back on track shortly in the #23 GT-R LM Nismo.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:46

Nicolas Lapierre pits from a comfortable lead in the LMP2 class in the #47 KCMG.  Mechanics are looking at the front right corner and its an extended stop.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:46

The #7 Audi is back in third behind the sister #9 but by less than four seconds.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:47

Despite the extended pit stop, the #47 KCMG rejoins in the lead of LMP2.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:48

Timo Bernhard steps out of the #17 Porsche that runs in P4, with Brendon Hartley taking over for the next stint.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:51

189 laps in the books for the race leading #19 Porsche.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:52

Lotterer is closing the gap to Bonanomi ahead of him, the two Audi’s now only three seconds apart.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:53

Lotterer was 1.4 seconds faster over that last lap than Bonanomi. The #7 is closing on the #9.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:56

Lotterer can now see Bonanomi ahead him as the battle for P2 in LMP1 gets closer, although Lotterer has made one more stop than Bonanomi.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201501:57

Just as I say that, Bonanomi pulls out a tenth on that last lap over Lotterer.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201502:00

The #99 AMR of Fernando Rees pits from the lead of GTE Pro. He remains in the car for another stint.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201502:00

WE ARE AT HALF WAY! 12 Hours down, 12 to go!

Paul Hensby June 14, 201502:01

The #19 Porsche leads LMP1 from the #9 Audi and the #7 Audi.
The #47 KCMG leads LMP2 from the #46 Thiriet by Tds Racing and the #26 G-Drive Racing

Paul Hensby June 14, 201502:03

The #99 Aston Martin Racing leads GTE Pro class, from the #64 Corvette Racing and the #31 Extreme Speed Motorsports.

The #72 SMP Racing entry leads GTE Am class, from the #98 Aston Martin Racing and the #77 Dempsey Proton Racing.

Vince Pettit June 14, 201502:04

With the half way point here we switch over to a fresh blog for the next half, please head over to