Manor may halt development of 2015 car to focus on 2016

The Manor F1 Team may halt development on their planned 2015 car to focus on its 2016 challenger.

The team have been running a modified 2014 Marussia so far this season, and had planned to introduce a 2015-spec car around the mid-season break in August, but they may now concentrate on making big steps with their 2016 machine.

Recently appointed key staff members such as former Mercedes Technical Director Bob Bell will be instrumental in deciding whether it is practical and cost effective to continue to develop a 2015 car or to switch their full attention to 2016.

“I think over the next few weeks we have some fairly key decisions to make,” said Sporting Director Graeme Lowdon to “The landscape is getting a bit clearer now, in terms of who we are competing against and what we need to do.

“It is becoming a lot clearer. We will do whatever is the right thing for the company.”

Lowdon also revealed that remaining with Ferrari-power for 2016 is not guaranteed, but insisted everyone would have input on the direction the team takes heading forward.

“We are bringing people on board all the time who will have an input in to the decision-making process, and there is no point having a dog and then barking yourself,” added Lowdon.

“So there is no point hiring these people and then telling them this is the tactical plan [to run the new car this year]. There is no hard and fast route. There is nothing saying we definitely cannot have a different engine or a different chassis.

“Everything is open and whatever the right answer is, that is what we will do. But bear in mind that some of the people who can make a big impact in to that answer are just getting on board.”