Mateschitz admits to losing interest in F1

Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz has revealed that he is disillusioned with Formula 1 and could withdraw his two teams from the sport if fortunes do not improve.

Both Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso have been frustrated so far in 2015 with the Renault power unit, which is not performing as strongly as its Mercedes or Ferrari rivals, with Mateschitz insisting that unless there is a turnaround of performance, he will not hang around in F1.

“They take from us not only time and money, but also the will and motivation,” said Mateschitz to about Renault. “There is no driver and no chassis which is able to compensate for this lack of horsepower.

“As well as that, the regulations for aerodynamics are so strict that our designer Adrian Newey cannot use his full talent. And we have also used four engines [on both cars] already. So we will lose grid positions.

“What else has to happen that we will lose our motivation completely?”

Despite Red Bull signing a commitment with F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone to remain racing until at least 2020, Mateschitz insists that he would break this commitment if he does indeed decide to withdraw.

“How many teams went out despite the fact they had contracts?” said Mateschitz. “You can’t force one to stay, when he wants to go out.”

“I cannot predict now what will happen it two or three years, who will go out of Formula 1 or will come in. I don’t know if we will have our teams still. In F1, it’s better not to make any predictions.”

Despite his misgivings with Formula 1 at present, Mateschitz remains hopeful that Renault can turn around its fortunes and provide a strong engine once more to his teams.

“We are still hoping [Renault will get better],” said Mateschitz. “Hope dies last.”