Felipe Nasr: “You always have to be concentrating”

Felipe Nasr heads into his first Hungarian Grand Prix in Formula 1 this weekend knowing that the whole weekend at the Hungaroring will be a challenging one.

The Sauber F1 Team driver admits to liking the Hungaroring circuit, even if the concentration levels around the tight and twisty circuit need to be high. He hopes the Sauber will have the braking stability and traction required to have a good weekend.

“The Grand Prix in Budapest is always very challenging,” said Nasr. “This circuit has many combinations of corners and only short straights.

“The track is very demanding for the tyres. We need to have a lot of braking stability, as well as good traction. As a driver, on this track you feel as if you are busy all the time. You always have to be concentrating for the next corner. There is only a brief break on the main straight.

“The grip on the track improves from day to day. We must, therefore, rely on our experience in order to anticipate grip level changes from day to day and adjust accordingly.

“Normally Budapest is a hot place during the whole grand prix weekend, and that can be really tricky for the tyre strategy. Overall I like racing there.”