Hansen Looking For Home Victory At Holjes

Team Peugeot-Hansen RX Lites pilot Kevin Hansen is looking to secure victory on home turf at this weekend’s round of the 2015 RX Lites Cup at Holjes in Sweden.

In what is turning out to be a very competitive season between Hansen and life long friend and rival Kevin Eriksson in the FIA World Rallycross Championship supporting series, victory on home turf is the goal for the young driver after suffering misfortune during the final of last year’s Holjes RX Lites event where mid air contact over the jump after the joker lap meant he would finish second to Eriksson. A result, he wants to change.

“We were making good starts last year at Holjes like we usually do, but the speed weren’t as fast as it could have been. We worked hard and put it all together to be fighting for the lead. I could have won, Kevin was really hard on the last lap so I have a favour to repay him at some point,” said Hansen, who won the last round at Lydden Hill and led at both of his recent RallyX Nordic events only to be hampered by issues out of the team’s control.

However, recent testing form has helped improve his chances of victory further.

“We tested at Holjes recently in the rain and the car felt really good at the last event we did at Strangnas. I think we have a great car for Holjes, we’ve found a lot of grip in the rear and we can push really hard, so I feel confident. And, I think the starts we have done this year have been amazing. All our competitors ask me how come we can start so well.”

It is clear how much it would mean to Hansen to win at home.

“It would mean so much to win. To win at home in front of all the Holjes spectators is a big dream for all Swedes. I’m really excited to be going there and really want it.”