Jelley eager to get on track for Silverstone Supercup outing

The moment that Stephen Jelley has been waiting for since before the start of the season is finally here as the Porsche Carrera Cup GB star gets his chance to shine in the Formula 1 supporting Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup race at Silverstone this weekend.

“I said that we needed to express our interest to Porsche in Germany and in the UK, and if there were any slots available we would need to make sure that our names stood there” said Jelley.

“So from the very beginning we’ve been badgering people about wanting to do it, and I think because we’re in a strong position in the championship there’s a good chance that I can bring something to the event. I’m going to do my utmost, because this is a really good opportunity and I’m very thankful for it.”

“From the start of the season I made it clear to the team that I would like to do this race.” – Stephen Jelley

Jelley is confident of being able to show pace as this year the cars that run in the national series are a lot closer in terms of brakes and set-ups.

“The best way to describe the difference between the Carrera Cup and the Supercup is that the ultimate pace is very similar. However, there might be three Stephen Jelleys’, three Dan Cammishs’ and three Michael Meadows’, so if one of those people doesn’t get a lap time in then one of the other two of those names will manage to set a quick one.

“There are more high quality drivers filling those spaces, so if you make a little mistake or get held up by traffic, you’re going to be 20th, it’s as simple as that. It’s a really high quality grid.” he added.