Max Verstappen: “I don’t really know what happened”

Max Verstappen was baffled by the handling of his car during qualifying for the British Grand Prix after qualifying down in thirteenth position at Silverstone.

The Dutch Scuderia Toro Rosso driver had been comfortably inside the top ten during the practice sessions but felt the car was not as it was when he took to the track for qualifying.

Despite the problems, Verstappen still hopes to be able to do something during the race on Sunday, feeling the pace of the Toro Rosso is strong

“To be honest, I don’t really know what happened in today’s qualifying session,” revealed Verstappen.

“We’ve been really competitive during the whole weekend and then, as soon as I went into Q1, I suffered from oversteer and I was not happy with the balance, so in the end I just wasn’t able to put a lap together. We need to look into this and find out why this happened.

“It’s disappointing because I was really looking forward to this qualifying session, but the car wasn’t behaving how I wanted it to and I couldn’t improve.

“Hopefully we can do something before tomorrow, we showed good pace in the long runs so hopefully we can have a good race.”