Paint Perfect Target Spires Return With Shares Scheme

Michelin Clio Cup Series outfit Paint Perfect Motorsport hope a unique ‘crowd funding’ initiative can put reigning Road Series champion Anton Spires backed on the grid in the main Race Series.

The Lincoln-based outfit currently run John Creasey in the Road Series, and got Spires on board at the start of the season as a driver coach when the title winner was forced onto the sidelines through a lack of budget.

The team are now determined to help the former single-seater racer get back on the grid and want him to lead their step up to the Race Series in 2016. To do so, they launched the Paint Perfect Motorsport ‘Supporters Club’ at the Croft race meeting last weekend.

The project will allow people to buy shares (Priced at £50, £100 and £200) in the team, with each level bringing supporter benefits. The aim of this is to raise the capital required to purchase a third-generation Clio Cup car – the potential damage and depreciation of which is covered through team sponsorship already.

“It’s a real shame Anton has missed this season, he didn’t want to do the Road Series again as he’d gone as far as he could so stepping up to the Race Series was the aim – they just couldn’t raise the budget though,” explained Paint Perfect boss Creasey.

“We’ve got the funds to run Anton in the Race Series alongside what we’re doing already, we just need to secure the car now. So, we’re looking to build-up the capital outlay through crowd funding where people will buy shares in the vehicle. At the end of it, everyone will get their investment back so it’s a no-lose situation. Plus, we’ll cover any depreciation with the car.”

As well as running Spires in the Race Series, Creasey himself also wants to move up to the Race Series next year as well as offering ‘arrive and drive’ packages for his current Road Series car.

“It’s frustrating in a way, having not been racing so far this year, but it’s been a new challenge for me being on the other side of the pit-wall and being part of John’s team,” Spires added. “I’m really pleased to be part of Paint Perfect Motorsport, they want to be one of the biggest teams in Clios and there are big plans in place to grow the team for the future.

“The new initiative is a unique idea and more of a share scheme than traditional ‘crowd funding’. In return for buying a share in the car the investors will receive a package of benefits, including things like a trackday experience, so it’s a great idea. We’re still talking to corporate sponsors too and it’s not out of the question we could possibly make an appearance in the Race Series this year.”