Daniel Ricciardo InFrames: Singapore Grand Prix

Sixty-one laps, 23 tortuous and twisting corners, the longest race of the season and all done at night in the kind of temperatures that would make a Scandinavian turn for the sauna’s cool setting – the Singapore GP is routinely described as one of Formula One’s toughest events.

So how come Daniel Ricciardo loves it so much? Is it the walls, the speed, or is it just that it’s about “knowing where my limits are, pushing other people’s limits, and seeing who breaks first?” Find out in the Honey Badger’s exclusive guide to racing under the bright lights of the big city.

The InFrames technique is accomplished by projectIng ultra slow motion footage onto walls and surfaces while simultaneously capturing time-lapse footage of these projectIons. The result is a captivating picture-in-picture visual effect unlike any other. Using innovative techniques and unconventional storytelling, these short films become a love letter to a city, a sport, and a culture.

Video courtesy of Infiniti Red Bull Racing.