Daniel Ricciardo: “It’s a tough place to race”

Daniel Ricciardo admits to loving the challenge of a street circuit as the Formula 1 calendar moves onto the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend.

The Infiniti Red Bull Racing driver admits Singapore offers the most physical challenge of the season for a driver, with the race being run in hot and humid conditions despite it running under the lights at night.

“Well it is hot! And very humid! I think it’s all those tall buildings downtown – the heat doesn’t have anywhere to go,” said Ricciardo. “It’s the most physical challenge of the year.

“It’s the only race of the season where you crack open your visor to let in some cool air and instantly wish you hadn’t because it’s hotter outside. By the warm-up lap your chilled drinks bottle is the temperature of a freshly-poured cup of tea.

“It’s a tough place to race – but I love the challenge. I think most of the drivers do. Firstly I like the track. Street circuits are fun: you’re bouncing off the kerbs, kissing the walls, it’s cool.”

Ricciardo looks ahead to the race weekend, which remains on European time, and admits it’s a crazy schedule that usually sees him going well into the early hours of the morning Singapore time before catching some sleep.

“It’s a pretty crazy schedule,” insisted Ricciardo. “I’ll end up chilling by the pool perhaps, when we get back at 4am before going to bed – but it’s not as if we’d have any action on those nights if it were an afternoon race.

“Sunday’s pretty good in Singapore though. The longer the race has been there, the more familiar the city has become with our schedule and more restaurants and bars are staying open later.

“It’s surprising what you can do at 4am in Singapore! The city’s great. Good restaurants, good atmosphere, great nightlife. Yeah, my kind of place”