Nasr reprimanded following FP1 incident

Felipe Nasr has been reprimanded following an incident during the first free practice session in Singapore after breaking track limit regulations at the opening trio of turns on Friday.

The Brazilian driver cut back onto the track at turn one ahead of the marker than drivers have to pass due to safety concerns.

The Sauber F1 Team driver received his first reprimand of the season as a result of running wide at turn one, with drivers supposed to rejoin the track at turn three, but Nasr rejoined ahead of the marker.

“The driver admitted he had not passed to the right of the block. As this occurred in Free Practice and not Qualifying or the Race, a reprimand is warranted,” said a statement from the stewards.

Carlos Sainz Jr was also summoned to the stewards, but was deemed to have slowed significantly in a yellow flag zone, despite the Spaniard breaking later on that lap than on the previous lap.

The Scuderia Toro Rosso proved that the lap before the yellow flags was an ‘abnormal’ lap, and stewards were shown proof that Sainz braked earlier on the yellow flag lap than he had on other quick laps.

“A comparison of telemetry of the lap concerned (his 26th lap) with the previous lap initially indicated that the driver braked late under the yellow flags,” said another FIA statement.

“However, the driver explained that the previous lap had been abnormal. A comparison against his 14th lap clearly indicated that he had braked earlier under the yellow flags and had slowed through that section compared to the faster lap.”