Pirelli and FIA announce New Tyre Pressure procedure

Pirelli have agreed a new tyre pressure check procedure with the FIA to eliminate the confusion that occurred during the Italian Grand Prix when the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS drivers started with apparently under-inflated tyres.

During the race at Monza, the FIA took the tyre pressures from the top four drivers on the grid, and race winner Lewis Hamilton’s race victory was in doubt after his tyres were deemed to be under the pre-race defined pressures mandated by Pirelli.

However, Mercedes insisted the pressures dropped as a result of being out of the tyre blankets for an extended amount of time, but the new regulations say the FIA can now test the tyre pressures at any time between the five minute board and the start of the parade lap, which means teams now have to take into account any potential pressure drop in their readings.

Teams will be allowed to alter the tyre pressure if any abnormality is found.

“We have been informed by Pirelli that their tyres may only be operated safely if the prescriptions set out in their preview document at each event are strictly followed,” said a Technical Directive sent by the FIA.

“During all practice sessions, qualifying and race, excluding the set used to start the race, it will be the pressure measured immediately after the set of tyres in question is fitted to the car.

“The race start set will be measured at any time after the five minutes signal. When measured, the pressure must be equal to or higher than the minimum set out in the preview. If the pressure is below the minimum requirement teams will be given the opportunity to adjust it.

“Measurements may be taken from any corner of the car. Measurements must be made with a gauge calibrated at or by Pirelli, and subsequently sealed by the FIA.

“After the checks have been carried out, and any necessary adjustment made in the presence of a scrutineers, no further adjustments may be made.”