Pirelli announce tyre compounds for next three races

Pirelli have announced the tyre compounds for the forthcoming races in Singapore, Japan and Russia, the next three Grand Prix on the Formula 1 calendar.

For this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix, the traditional street circuit compounds of the P Zero Red Supersoft and P Zero Yellow Soft tyres will be used, which are suited to the track as they warm up quickly and provide excellent mechanical grip.

For the following race at Suzuka, the other two compounds of tyre are to be used, with the P Zero Orange Hard and the P Zero White Medium compounds being utilised. The Suzuka circuit requires a lot from the tyres due to its high number of fast corners, and the two hardest compounds are best suited to the demands of the Japanese track.

For the race at Sochi, Pirelli have altered their choices compared to a year ago, deciding to go one level softer, meaning the 2015 race will see the P Zero Yellow Soft and the P Zero Red Supersoft tyres being used. Tyre wear was not an issue during the inaugural race in 2014, so the decision to go to the softer options will be interesting.