Vettel saddened by Red Bull/Renault issues

Sebastian Vettel has admitted his sadness about the apparent imminent break-up between Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Renault Sport, especially after securing his four World Championships with the combination.

The current Scuderia Ferrari driver hopes Renault do not quit the sport completely, and admitted the engine supplier had supplied strong engines to him and Red Bull in the past, especially during the era of the blown exhausts, and feels this history has been forgotten due to the current circumstances of unreliability and underpowered engines.

“Obviously it’s sad to hear,” Vettel said. “I was part of the majority of the partnership and we had very successful years, which unfortunately now gets forgotten very quickly because of the situation.

“Renault has done a fantastic job in the past. Supplying us a strong engine, supplying us with the latest technique that I think was required to be competitive when we had the era of blown exhausts.

“I think there Renault was probably one of the best ones and most advanced. So there’s a lot of things that people tend to forget now, that Renault has achieved, but I hope they stay in the sport.”