Daniil Kvyat: “We have to be satisfied with these points”

Daniil Kvyat was able to secure fifth place in front of his home fans at the Sochi Autodrom during the Russian Grand Prix on Sunday, but felt he could have secured a better finish if he had made a different strategy call.

The Infiniti Red Bull Racing driver did not pit behind the safety car, and ultimately lost ground to drivers who did, but Kvyat felt he made the most of his afternoon’s work and felt satisfied with his final position.

“I think we squeezed everything out of it today and ten points at the end of such a complicated race is a very good achievement, so we have to be satisfied with these points,” said Kvyat.

“With hindsight, you could say we could have run a slightly better strategy, but you can never be completely sure how these things will turn out and you never stop learning in this respect.”

Kvyat admitted it was a nice feeling to receive all the support from his Russian fans, and feels the passion for motorsport in the country is growing.

“It was nice to see all the people that came here to support me today, it’s a great feeling and hopefully it will continue and get better and better,” said Kvyat.

“I could also see that other drivers had their fans in the crowd as well which was nice, it’s a true passion and it looks like in Russia the sport is growing a lot and many people are coming which is great to see.”