More Carrera Cup GB Boosts for 2016

by Lee Bonham

Twelve months ago the Porsche Carrera Cup GB bosses announced a raft of changes aimed at revitalising an ailing category. They worked. Refusing to stand still though, earlier this week several further alterations were confirmed to cement the series’ place at the top of domestic GT racing.

The incentive for young professional drivers wishing to enter or return to the category comes with financial boosts across the board for the Pro classification. The champion will pocket £25,000 and the loan of a Porsche 911 for a year, with £15,000 and £10,000 going to the second and third positioned drivers.

Pro-Am1 will remain a lucrative class for the semi-professional entrants, with £7000 for the class champion and £4000 and £2000 being the awards for the second and third best drivers in the class throughout the 2016 season.

In Pro-Am2, the Gentleman drivers have financial incentives in the form of £5000 for the champion and for those who finish directly behind the title winner of the third category £3000 and £1000. Pro-Am1 and Pro-Am2 2016 champions will also win the use of a Porsche 911 for the year.

Moving away from money matters, there will be three in-season tests fully supported by the series next year, alongside the added bonus of two days for each driver with a Porsche Human Performance centre specialist. In terms of tyres, the allocation of slicks will rise to twenty-one.

The £50,000 Rookie prize will continue as will the changes brought in for 2015 including the Team Cayenne project. Finally, a World Endurance Championship meeting should be a feature of the calendar for the new season.

The continued commitment that series organisers are showing to the category is great news for teams and drivers alike planning entries for the new season. It is also particularly good news for fans of the TOCA package. Another strong season awaits us you feel in 2016.

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