Romain Grosjean: “It would be great to have a strong result in Mexico”

by Gemma Bray

Romain Grosjean aims to put the retirement of his car in Austin behind him ahead of this weekend’s Mexican Grand Prix.

With damage sustained from a first corner incident at the Circuit of The Americas, the car was deemed unsafe for Grosjean to continue as there was no brake ducting. So the decision was made to retire the car.

“I was gutted for myself, the team and all the fans. I think we had potential for a good finish, especially with everything that was going on elsewhere.”

Grosjean is excited for the Mexican Grand Prix this weekend as this is the first time he has been to Mexico City and to the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

I’m sure we will all get a great response,” said Grosjean. “I’m looking forward to experiencing the culture and especially investigating the food.”

“It’s a new venue and it’s always nice to learn a new track. It looks like the layout has more low speed corners now, but it still has a very long straight so there’ll be an interesting competition to see who can be the fastest there.

“The city is very high but for me that’s a good thing as I was born in the mountains. I don’t think it’s going to cause the drivers any issues, but I know there are a few areas to give some different calculations to the engineers.

“It’s going to be different with the brake cooling and things like that, but every track has its characteristics so I’m sure we’ll get on top of it pretty quickly. It would be great to have a strong result in Mexico.”

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