Ron Dennis: “The regulations are extremely constraining”

Ron Dennis.

Ron Dennis believes the current testing regulations within Formula 1 need adjusting as the current rules do little to reduce costs within the sport.

The McLaren-Honda Team Principal also feels the current cost-cutting regulations have actually made expenditure rise, and feels a freedom of testing and wind tunnel and CFD usage would be a far better scenario for the sport and would not limit the development of an uncompetitive Formula 1 car, something McLaren have had to suffer with throughout 2015.

“I think the frustration I have personally with the regulations is that virtually everything that is designed to reduce costs has increased it,” said Dennis to

“That is primarily because the cost of getting durability is endless evaluating on dynos and test cells.

“I like to go testing. I would like to have freedom in wind tunnels. I would like to have freedom in CFD, because when you are uncompetitive you have to develop your way out of it. At the moment the regulations are extremely constraining in that area.”