Button takes further penalties in Mexico

Jenson Button’s grid penalties for the Mexican Grand Prix now total seventy positions after further changes to his engine ahead of Sunday’s race.

The McLaren-Honda driver had already taken two twenty-five place hits for fitting two new engines, turbochargers, MGU-H and MGU-K units this weekend, but will now drop an additional twenty places for the introduction of yet another turbocharger as well as new control electronics and a further MGU-H unit.

Button did not participate in qualifying due to issues with the power unit he used in final practice, with the team unable to revert back to the unit he used in FP1 in time to get him out to qualify.

Button will start twentieth and last on the grid alongside team-mate Fernando Alonso at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

  • Darren Standing

    What a ridiculous bloody charade the FIA have created! They are making what is supposed to be the pinnacle of motorsport a laughing stock!

  • Phil Lupton

    so is he starting in the pit lane at texas? no, just at the back of the grid. so instead of being negative, just say the back of the grid for changing several components. sounds more encouraging to me

  • Nick Bowen

    They’d better find another 50 cars then!

  • David Ball

    70 place penalty 20 cars on the grid so does that mean he’s starting from silverstone its becoming a joke now
    we really need simple engines non of this hybrid stuff and basic rules the sports on its knees once again