Massa open to ‘two-day F1 weekend’ plan

Felipe Massa has revealed he would have no problem should the Formula 1 weekend be shortened to two days, with the schedule being compressed into Saturday and Sunday.

The popular Brazilian feels the running on a Friday is not as productive as the remainder of the weekend, and feels running practice on a Saturday morning ahead of qualifying later than day would be more beneficial, especially if it will force cars to be on the circuit more.

“I have no problem taking out Friday,” said Massa. “I would not have any problem with that at all. On Friday, nothing happens, especially if you have bad weather.

“I think it would be nicer to have more cars running all the time. You can do the practice sessions on Saturday morning and qualifying on Saturday afternoon.

“Or you can do everything on Saturday, the practice sessions and qualifying, and just the race on Sunday.

“Then if you have a big water problem on Saturday, you can move qualifying to Sunday. But that would happen very few times, if it happens.”