Pirelli tyre test to see Ultrasoft compound debut in Abu Dhabi

Formula 1’s sole tyre manufacturers Pirelli will hold a one-day tyre test on the Tuesday following the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

The twelve-hour test on 01 December will be dedicated to the development of slick tyres, and will see the introduction of the Purple-banded P Zero Ultrasoft compound.

The Ultrasoft compound will become Pirelli’s fifth dry-weather compound in 2016, complimenting the current Supersoft, Soft, Medium and Hard compounds.

Participation from the Formula 1 teams is voluntary, but every team that does take part will be required to field one car, but Pirelli will dictate the programme for each car. The tyre manufacturer have also requested that teams run at least one race or reserve driver during the test, although this is not mandatory.

Teams will also not be allowed to run any upgrades on their car throughout the day or change the set-up to allow Pirelli to get the best possible feedback from the 2016 tyres.