2016 Rally Mexico to run 50-mile WRC test

The 2016 FIA World Rally Championship will see Rally Mexico play host to the longest stage in 30 years with the 50-mile Guanajuato test being announced.

Rally Mexico provided the longest stage of 2015 with Guanajuatito at 34 miles; The new stage comprises of parts of the Guanajuatito, Derramadero and El Brinco stages.

The new stage will run on the final day, starting at 08:33 with the crews able to change tyres following the stage before the final 10-mile powerstage.

“After working for years, and gradually building up our capabilities, we’ve finally achieved a long-coveted milestone: the 80-kilometre stage.” said spokesman from Rally Mexico.

“It will put every resource to the test. Every drop of mental, emotional, and physical strength from driver, co-driver, car, tyres, and team will have to deal with about 50 sustained minutes of intense competition, a feat of concentration and exhaustion that hasn’t been seen in our sport in decades.

“We have no doubt that this news will put a small frown on the face of some, but we’re sure they’ll put a wide grin on many others. People like us.” they added.

Rally Mexico 2016 will be the third round of the FIA WRC calendar and runs from March 4-7.