F1 teams to choose Australian tyre compounds by next week

Formula 1 teams will have until next week to choose their tyre compounds for the 2016 season-opening Australian Grand Prix as a result of new regulations.

For 2016, Pirelli will nominate three compounds per race weekend. Each driver will receive 13 sets for the three days of track running. Of those 13 sets, Pirelli will set two sets which have to be allocated for the race, the driver must use one of these sets.

A set of the softest available compound may only be used in Q3 to ensure a pole position shootout featuring all ten cars. Teams are able to select any combination of the compounds to complete the remaining ten sets of tyres as they wish, however this must be done in advance of each race.

The 2016 Formula 1 sporting regulations state:

“Competitors must then inform the FIA, no less than eight weeks before the start of each event held in Europe and fourteen weeks before the start of each event held outside Europe, which specifications of dry-weather tyres they wish to use for each of their drivers at the event.”

The original deadline was 11th December but following Pirelli’s work at the Abu Dhabi test last week, they have extended the deadline until 17th December. If a team misses this deadline, the FIA will make a selection on their behalf for the Australian Grand Prix.