Formula 3 Chassis lifespan extended as National plans resurface

The World Motor Sport Council has voted to extend the lifespan of the current Formula 3 chassis until the end of the 2019 season as the FIA try and stabilise costs and reintroduce national championships.

With the rise of national Formula 4 Championships, it is estimated that there will be upwards of 300 drivers racing there in 2016, but at present the decline in Formula 3 racing at a national level means many of those would currently have nowhere to go in 2017.

The British and German Formula 3 championships did not race in 2015, having seen entry levels plummet to single-figure entries in 2014, due in part to the introduction of a new chassis and the costs associated with that.

The announcement to extend the chassis life means cost should be kept to a minimum, meaning the chances of national series of Formula 3 coming back should increase.

A new safety update kit will be introduced to the championship in either 2017 or 2018, with more details of this set to be announced in June 2016.