Maldonado displeased with ‘harder’ stewards decisions

Pastor Maldonado believes the stewards in Formula 1 appear to be harsher when it comes to punishing the Venezuelan driver for on-track incidents.

Maldonado has earned the reputation of crashing in F1, and of being aggressive on track, but he reckons that he does not merit the blame or the sanctions every time he is involved.

The thirty-year-old, who looks set to lead the newly-reformed Renault works team in 2016 alongside Jolyon Palmer, believes his reputation sometimes means harsher penalties to what other drivers would receive in the same instances.

“When I make a mistake, even by myself without touching anyone, everybody is surprised and this is the news of the day,” said Maldonado.

“All the other drivers crash, all the other drivers have incidents and nothing happens. Look at [Valtteri] Bottas and Kimi [Raikkonen], twice, and it’s a simple racing incident. I have a stupid contact and everybody goes ‘Agghh…'”

“It’s very difficult for the stewards because they are always different. So it’s very difficult to value the same in different races. It’s not that they don’t like me or not. I know all of them and they are just doing their jobs. But sometimes they have different views than the other races.

“I’ve seen so many incidents during the year and maybe they weren’t that hard with their decisions. Sometimes with me they are a bit harder. It’s part of the game. It’s the same in football.”

  • baziz

    Pastor has a point here, when you look at the incidents with Ericsson and Perez where he got penalised this year. In both cases the stewards could have decided these were race incidents because there was more then enough room and Pastor didn’t drive into the other cars but they touched because both wanted to be on the same spot on the track. For example compare these incidents with Verstappen hitting Bottas resulting in a puncture for Bottas or Rosberg taking of the front wing of Ricciardo, both were also in Hungary and resulted in more damage but didn’t get penalised even as they caused more damage as Perez had when he touched Maldonado. Also Pastor had been the victim of incidents by others this year, and apart from the crash in the last race which resulted in a penalty for Alonso none of the other (Nasr, Grosjean, Button and Hulkenberg) were penalised.

  • Lynne Sage

    Poor boy! Only reason he’s in F1 is because of the money he brings in. He keeps a more talented and deserving driver off the grid!