Pirelli announce new 2016 Tyre Regulations

Pirelli have announced the 2016 tyre regulations, which include a different way of communicating what tyres teams will use at any given weekend.

From next season, teams will be able to use three different tyre compounds during a race weekend, with Pirelli deciding in advance which trio of compounds will be used at each race venue.

The tyre manufacturer will nominate two mandatory race sets that will need to be used by each car during the race, while a subsequent set from the softer compound will only be able to be used during Q3. The two race sets may not be from the same compound, but the same two compounds will be issued to every team.

The remaining ten sets can be chosen by each team from the three nominated compounds that weekend, with each team nominating the number of each compound they would like for each individual car to the FIA, with the choices remaining secret until two weeks before the Grand Prix. Should a team fail to notify the FIA, the choice will be made for them by the sports governing body.

Once the choices have been made, the tyres will be randomly assigned to teams via a barcode, just as the current tyres are in 2015.

The tyres will remain with different coloured markings to distinguish between the compounds, with the four existing dry weather compounds being joined by the purple-banded Ultrasoft for 2016.