Drivers want a tyre that “allows them to push” – GPDA

The Grand Prix Drivers’ Association [GPDA] is pushing Pirelli to rethink their approach to tyres ahead of the 2017 Formula 1 season.

The Italian tyre manufacturer came into Formula 1 in 2011 and were requested to deliver degradable rubber in order to improve the spectacle and mix things up in the sport, but this has often left drivers frustrated as instead of being able to push flat out they have to manage their tyres throughout a race.

Last year a Global Fan Survey was conducted in association with and the GPDA, which highlighted exactly what fans wanted within the sport, only 13% of those who participated were in favour of more degrading tyres.

These results were talking matters in discussions in the GPDA, with there being a push for this approach to be changed from 2017.

GPDA chairman Alexander Wurz said to the BBC that drivers have requested a tyre that “allows them to push and extract everything possible from these extraordinary race cars again, because that’s what F1 is about, the pinnacle of motor racing which we all love.

“The drivers want to underline very clearly that they would love Pirelli to produce a tyre which goes faster around corners as well as being safe.

“If we get sticky tyres, we will have happy drivers, and happy drivers means authentic and honest performance, pure message for the product and driving the cars to the maximum.

“That’s what we want and, according to the fan survey we did last year, what all the fans expect.”