Ecclestone backing drivers’ view “a million percent”

Bernie Ecclestone is backing the push by Formula 1 drivers to bring back flat-out racing with more durable tyres.

A meeting early next month in Milan between F1’s leading drivers and team representatives is planned to discuss tyre plans for the 2017 season with Pirelli bosses.

Drivers have expressed their opinion of wanting a tyre compound that allows them to push hard for the entire race. Wanting Pirelli to move away from the current high-degradation rubber to a more durable compound. Something Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA) chairman Alex Wurz has made clear recently.

Ecclestone is backing the drivers’ view “a million percent”, urging as many senior representatives as possible to attend the Pirelli meeting, to do more to assist the Italian tyre manufacturer with their products.

“I have already told Pirelli that,” he said regarding the desire for more durable rubber.

“The bottom line is Pirelli supply the tyres in F1, they are the tyres we should use and the teams and drivers should work with Pirelli to perfect the tyres.

“Whatever drivers want to turn up can turn up. Whatever teams want to turn up can turn up. It will be the president of Pirelli who is there, not a messenger.”