2016 Rally Sweden shakedown stage under threat

by Vince Pettit

According to a report on the Swedish website sverigesradio.se, the shakedown stage for 2016 Rally Sweden will not take place in the planned Alster location.

It is beleived that residents along the route have objected to the proposed 5.6km route which includes public roads, for this to go ahead the residents must agree to the event taking place.

“I’m handling the case and there is a request, but no decision has been made. But to get the show is on a stretch of road is a public road must have the residents ‘concessions'” said lawyer Rickard Faivre to the Swedish media site.

While it is thought that the majority of the residents have agreed to this, there are some along the route which have rejected the proposal.

There has currently been no word from Swedish Rally CEO Glenn Olsson but it is thought that organisers are looking in to an alternative route for the shakedown.

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