Alfa Romeo should consider F1 return – Marchionne

Scuderia Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne believes Alfa Romeo should consider returning to Formula 1 as a constructor, with a tie-in with Ferrari the most likely way to go.

Alfa Romeo have been a constructor in Formula 1 on two separate occasions, the first of which was in 1950-51, which brought them a championship triumph with Giuseppe Farina in 1950, before they returned as a manufacturer again in 1979 right through to 1985. In between they were also prominent on the grid as an engine supplier.

Marchionne, who is also the CEO of Fiat Chrysler, believes Alfa Romeo has the ability to develop its own chassis and engine package, and should at least investigate returning to the sport for a third spell as a manufacturer.

“In order to re-establish itself as a sport brand, Alfa Romeo can and must consider the possibility of return to race in Formula 1,” said Marchionne to Gazzetta dello Sport. “How? Probably in a collaboration with Ferrari.

“Alfa Romeo is able to make itself a chassis, and it is able to make engines.

“In the end this sport must be saved. The important thing is to make other car manufacturers enter grand prix racing. I would really like to have it in Formula 1.”