Felix da Costa against F1 ‘closed cockpit’ future

by Paul Hensby

Antonio Felix da Costa has come out against the way Formula 1 is heading towards a closed cockpit future, with the ‘halo’ design set to be added to cars from 2017.

Recent tragedies involving Jules Bianchi in Formula 1 and Justin Wilson in IndyCar has put head protection into the spotlight, but former Red Bull Racing reserve driver and current DTM and Formula E star Felix da Costa believes it is wrong for Formula 1 to be heading in this direction after being an open cockpit championship since its inception in 1950.

“Everything that F1 does in three, four or five years will be in every other open-wheel series,” said Felix da Costa to Motorsport.com. “So I think that is the main idea, that F1 serves an example to the other championships.

“It’s good that everything is much safer today, we have almost no deaths and that’s a big deal. But as a driver I believe that there has to be an element of danger.

“I know it might not be fair to say, but it’s a very dangerous sport and that’s why there’s only around 20 drivers in a category, rather than 100,000. And we have to keep it like that.

“Are [closed cockpits] safer? Yeah. But the end of the day, how long has F1 had open cockpits for? I would like to have lived in the 80s, 90s. Everything was much more simple, there was not that much politics. It was more just ‘driver, car and let’s go’.”

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