Fernando Alonso: “I’m excited and raring to go”

Fernando Alonso is ready for the 2016 Formula 1 season to get underway, and believes his McLaren-Honda team will be ready for the challenge ahead after the team unveiled the MP4-31 on Sunday.

The Spaniard rejoined McLaren ahead of the 2015 season and endured one of the toughest campaigns of his career as the team struggled with performance and reliability issues, but despite that Alonso is optimistic the team have learned from the mistakes as they aim for progress in 2016.

“The start of a new season is always a special feeling, characterised by a lot of anticipation for the year ahead,” revealed Alonso. “This year is no different: I’m excited and raring to go. 

“Last year the spotlight was very much on McLaren-Honda as we embarked on the first year of our renewed partnership. It was a tricky season for all of us, but we learned a hell of a lot. 

“Likewise, it’s been a very productive winter for me. I’ve been training extremely hard, as usual, but also enjoying time with my family, and keeping tabs on all the hard work going on at the McLaren Technology Centre, Woking, where the McLaren guys have been doing an incredible job to get everything ready in time. The Honda boys have been working flat-out in Sakura, too. 

“The aero package shows fantastic attention to detail. The whole car is beautiful in fact – it’s particularly nicely packaged from an aerodynamic point of view as I say – and I’m 100 per cent ready for the challenge ahead.”