Pirelli allow teams wider tyre choice during pre-season tests

Pirelli have announced they will allow teams a greater freedom of which tyre compounds to use during the two pre-season tests this season.

Whereas in 2015, when Pirelli mandated half of the tyre compounds that teams were allowed to use, in 2016 teams will be able to choose all bar two of the compounds it wants to use during the two tests at the Circuit de Catalunya.

The two sets Pirelli will still mandate are one set of the intermediate tyre and one set of the full wet tyre, while the teams will choose the other 33 sets in each set.

Pirelli have five dry tyre compounds in operation in 2016 compared to the four it has used since it returned to Formula 1 back in 2011, with the Ultrasoft tyre coming in, although the abrasive Barcelona track makes it unlikely it will be utilised during testing, while the Supersoft may only get sporadic appearances.

The Soft, Medium and Hard tyre are likely to be the ones teams use the most as they begin their testing of their 2016 machines. The first test begins on Monday.