Red Bull promised 2016 engine equality by Renault

Renault has promised equality with Red Bull Racing with regards to the power unit the two teams will use during the 2016 season, with the factory team supplying the exact same engine to its sole customer outfit.

The Milton Keynes based F1 team made it clear near the end of the 2015 season that they did not want to stay with Renault, but after failing to secure a new deal with a different manufacturer, Red Bull will continue to use the French power unit into the 2016 season, albeit with Tag-Heuer badging.

During the launch of its motorsport programme in Paris on Wednesday, Cyril Abiteboul, Renault’s managing director spoke about the current rules in F1, and insists both Red Bull and Renault will have the use of the same specification engines.

“Exactly the same. Actually we have an obligation from the regulations to supply exactly the same equipment,” said Abiteboul. “But there will not be any form of branding or marketing association for obvious reasons.

“In terms of continuity, there will be the same faces you have seen last year, there will be the same faces in the Red Bull garage. They will be dressed different but the faces will be the same.

“You always need to manage the pool of engines, and maybe we are out of sync with what we are doing for the Renault team and what we are doing for the Red Bull team because of the introduction of the engine. 

“But the philosophy of Renault and the obligation from the regulation perspective is to have exactly one technical specification. If we have upgrades they will have upgrades too. 

“The works team is Renault, obviously, so we will design and specific the engine for the Renault team and they will have exactly the same.”