Pit-to-car Radio restrictions not needed – Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen does not believe the new radio restrictions in Formula 1 this season are the right way to go, and believes drivers should just be allowed to concentrate on driving.

The FIA have restricted what kind of information can be disclosed to drivers via the pit-to-car radio this season, but Renault driver Magnussen believes it will have any effect, and believes it would be better for the information to continue to be relayed to the drivers in order for their focus to be on driving their cars.

“It’s the same for everyone so we just have to get on with it, but I don’t really see the point, but there we are,” said Magnussen at the launch of the 2016 Renault livery.

“Just the fact that there are so many things that you have to remember, memorise stuff, numbers, etc. It’s just frustrating, really. It’d be nice to just focus on the racing.”

Magnussen believes drivers will have more information they will have to remember than ever before with the restricted radio messages, but believes drivers will adapt, and feels all these changes are unnecessary.

“I think the point was to try to get us to just focus on racing, but now we are actually less focused on racing because we have to remember everything,” said Magnussen.

“There’s no bigger difference. All the drivers will remember stuff. I don’t think many drivers are going to forget because we make sure we remember. It’s just less focus on driving.

“It’d be nice to go through the whole race and think all the time about going fast. If the dashboard isn’t working correctly, you will get it wrong. I don’t think that’s really necessary.”