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Abiteboul calls for F1 fuel limits to be scrapped

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Renault managing director Cyril Abiteboul has called for the current fuel-capacity limit in Formula 1 to be scrapped, citing that the sport should not move towards endurance-style racing.

The current regulations sees a limit of 100kg of fuel to be used during a Grand Prix, while the maximum fuel-flow rate is 100kg per hour, with drivers often being forced to conserve fuel during the race as a result in order to reach the chequered flag.

“I am a big fan of making sure F1 remains F1,” revealed Abiteboul. “We should not lean towards endurance. One of the things that has put F1 in danger, or could be another threat to F1, is if we try to combine F1 and endurance.

“Endurance is about efficiency, sustainability, the capacity to run very long distances without any issues. F1 is about short races, usually being able to attack constantly.

“Frankly, even in the V8 era there was some fuel management. It was part of the tactics, to maximise, to optimise your lap time for the duration of the race from a team strategy perspective.

“It has always been part of F1, without any form of limitation on fuel quantity, so I would remove completely the fuel quantity [regulation].”

Abiteboul has praised all of the engine manufacturers for making excellent engines that have significantly reduced fuel consumption, with drivers often using under the 100kg of fuel during the race, but feels that removing the fuel limitation would provide some positivity about the power units, that have often been criticised since they were introduced back in 2014.

We would see it [removing the regulation] would take all the negativity away from the message regarding this new technology, which is fantastic. We’ve done an amazing job,” added Abiteboul.

“With the engine we use, all the manufacturers – Mercedes in particular – should be given credit for the technology they have been able to introduce, reducing fuel consumption by 30-40 per cent.

“It is just amazing, but this fantastic message is being destroyed by the fact with this fuel limit we are making people believe it is only about managing fuel.”

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