Dubourg Announces 2016 Rallycross Plans

Jean-Baptiste Dubourg has confirmed to the FIA WorldRX website his Rallycross plans for the 2016 season, announcing that he will drive a brand new DA Racing Citroen DS3 in this years FIA European Rallycross Championship and selected FIA World Rallycross Championship outings.

Dubourg, who secured the Andros Trophy in his first year of competition, rose to fame at the 2015 WorldRX of France where he claimed third place in the Supercar Final behind Timmy Hansen and Petter Solberg. The Frenchman also took part in last years FIA European Rallycross Championship where he finished second in the Supercar Final for EuroRX competitors.

The Frenchman explained the reason for the move to a new car for this season:

“After our first Euro RX season with the C4, we took the decision to build a new generation car and our choice is the DS3, a more agile car with a better engine,” said Dubourg.

“The car has been developed with the latest technology and the realisation of the programme is the result of an association with some great technical partners. We used the knowledge gained from a whole season of Euro RX last year to create a better car”.

The DA Racing pilot will also compete against the WorldRX regulars in Portugal and France this year:

“I learnt a lot in 2015, both in knowledge of the European circuits and with the tuning of the car,” added Dubourg. Over the winter we worked towards creating a car that could reach first place. For sure, with last years experience and the good results at the end of the season, I want to fight for the title in the European Rallycross Championship.

“It won’t be easy, the arrival of new teams creates more and more interest and competition will be greater this year. We will also race at Montalegre in Portugal and France at Loheac. It’s always an excellent opportunity to be able to fight amongst the best drivers in the world.”